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Monday, November 30, 2009

Idling Java... making way for Objective-C ?

These past few weeks, i had talked to 2 of my boss about my current employment status, and i just found out that the Android Projects were abandoned or somehow like that. Now my CTO is very passionate about Mobile Development that he doesn't want me to go, cause for what i did with the last project for them, he was somewhat impressed by it. My GM, was also willing to do stuff my CTO wants the Mobile Development for them is to progress soon, but currently Android App dev. is still new to many as what they had discovered and that iPhone is still emerging! Anyways they wanted me to do iPhone Apps. in which it didn't came to my mind, ever since! Now i told them i'll try studying Objective-c cause it is a whole new ballgame for me! I did a quite a study of objective -c last week and i knew i learned something. Right now what i am thinking is to let these things happen?

IDLE now :

- Java
- Android App

in which they are the ones i am aiming for to help my career.

Honestly i am almost done with them, but my CTO is very kind to ask me and see his opinions about Mobile Development in General. so i think i'll stay with them, but since again i don't have my salary , i'm having delays 4 in a row i think that my bills are also getting delayed for me to pay! I miss office-environment, team collaboration and any other related stuff within a company that i CAN SEE AND TALK TO LIVE!

now i think i must think of this very carefully before making any move that i made last May 2008!

Monday, November 23, 2009


When you truly love someone, you won't have any doubts. You'll admire them, respect them and always want what's best for them.

i guess these days im having a friendly relationship with someone, that i felt im also having 2 more people that soon will be battling over her. Well im just a normal person that can be rejected . But i hope everything will go well. May the best man wins... i guess i needed more time and commitment for her and express things i wanted to do.

in some of the things i am not going to do here is TRAP,

The incorrect ways of declaring your love for someone you like can be summarized as – TRAP

T = Time
R = Reason
A = Attitude
P = Place

Do not let the above “trap” you when you tell someone you like him/her. Good luck!

Thursday, November 19, 2009


seems like this is me...

Here are your Brainbench Personality Assessment Results.
Please review these results carefully and refer to the
interpretation notes at the bottom.


Trait |<--|---|---|---- Range ----|---|---|--->| Trait
Introverted |..................X.....................| Extraverted
Candid |..........................X.............| Considerate
Impulsive |..X.....................................| Cautious
Excitable |......X.................................| Relaxed
Practical |..X.....................................| Imaginative
Concrete |..X.....................................| Abstract
|<--|---|---|---- Range ----|---|---|--->|

Your Social Boldness: Introverted VS Extraverted
You are slightly introverted. Do you ever say to people,
"I'm really an introvert" and then they look at you funny?
That's because you can be both Extraverted and introverted,
but in social situations people see you as an Extravert.
Your enthusiastic and self-confident personality, plus your
ease at talking to strangers gives the appearance that you
are outgoing, even though you may attribute it to just
being a friendly person. You find yourself at the center of
attention, even though you may not actively seek that
position. You are such a warm person that people like to
follow you. Which is good, since you have no problem
accepting your role as a leader when it is given to you.
With your ability to flow easily from shy to outgoing, you
may tend to easily flow from exciting adventures to
relaxing times at home. This makes you a fun person to be
around, because you do not always have to be on the go, yet
you know there is more to life than reading and watching TV.

Your Agreeableness: Candid VS Considerate
You are moderately considerate. You are an agreeable
person. This means that you are well liked and people
really enjoy your company. And why wouldn't they? People
can sense that you are taking a genuine interest in them
and this makes them feel special and as a result, they have
high regards for you. With your altruistic personality, you
get a lot of practice at making people feel special. In
fact, you feel great joy when you help others. Another nice
feature you possess is your ability to cooperate. Not
everyone can do this, so it is very important in a meeting
or social situation to have someone like you present in
order to maintain a harmonious situation. This comes from
your tendency to want equality and fairness. In dealing
with others, you prefer not to manipulate people instead
you tend to be open and sincere. This makes you a popular
and well-respected individual.

Your Self-Control: Impulsive VS Cautious
You are very impulsive. You are an independent thinker. You
do not need a book of rules to tell you how to behave - you
know inside what is right and what is wrong and you act
accordingly. You are able to live life spontaneously,
because you are able to make decisions without endless
deliberation. In fact, when you and another person are
making a decision, you are able to reach a solution fairly
quickly while the other person has to cautiously plan every
step. Eventually, they will agree with you, which is
frustrating when your first impulse is usually the correct
one in the decision-making process. You tend to be a little
more casual, and you do not feel out of sorts when your
home or office is not perfectly neat. In general, your life
is pleasurable - you know how to have fun and will never be
accused of being staid or stuffy.

Your Anxiety Level: Excitable VS Relaxed
You are quite excitable. You do not like stressful
situations. You tend to react emotionally to stress, which
can lead to bad moods, or even anxiety, anger, or
depression. You like to be treated fairly, and may become
upset if you sense that someone is trying to cheat you. You
may find urges and cravings irresistible to the point that
you are giving into them even if you know you will regret
it or feel guilty later. Sometimes you may feel
uncomfortable in social situations, even thinking that
others are judging you. This self-consciousness may show
through as shyness, because you do not want people to think
poorly of you. You tend to worry and are apprehensive in
unfamiliar circumstances.

Your Openness to Change: Practical VS Imaginative
You are very practical. You want just the facts - keep it
plain and simple. You are practical, pragmatic and well
grounded. You have no time for carelessness and
impracticality. You prefer to keep your emotions to
yourself, rather than exposing your feelings to the world.
Life moves along much better for you when you can maintain
a schedule and have routine in your life. Unexpected
surprises and chaos are a major inconvenience to you. You
tend to be conservative and are somewhat resistant to
change. Others respect your ability to act properly in your
everyday life.

The way you Think/Reason: Concrete VS Abstract
You are very concrete in your thinking. You tend to prefer
the plain, straightforward, and obvious to the complex,
ambiguous, and subtle. You might even regard the arts and
sciences with suspicion, regarding these endeavors as
abstruse or of no practical use. You believe that
intellect should not be equated with intelligence, as
intellect is an intellectual style, not an intellectual

check yours today at

Monday, November 16, 2009

Why would you love TOMS Shoes?

As i first read about this on a magazine, i thought Blake Mycoskie had stolen my idea of helping while still having some profit over a business, but i don't think this is not a business concept at all, this is a charity concept for me. Plus the Shoe drop thing is really a great and memorable experience that you are helping a child to fit a TOMS Shoe.

From that point on i loved the goal and ever since i like these kind of products that other people who are in need get something out of your purchase like pangea bottles and end povertees. and of course TOMS Shoes

The design of the shoes are unique yet comfortable and fashionable, plus you get the chance to help others how cool is that.

And when i'm on facebook looking for TOMS Shoe here in the Philippines i've noticed the site and instantly i am glad that they were here. although i haven't been in the launching party , i did went there the next day to get a pair!

Now i am telling these stuff about my family and friends about TOMS Shoes. I have been a Nike and Diesel shoe fan and now TOMS !

Thanks to

become a fan of Facebook TOMS Philippines

Nothing But Water and Swim designer store that they brought TOMS Shoes in the Philippines.. now i don't have a problem buying online. I wonder if there would be a Shoe drop soone i'd love be a volunteer for a Shoe drop if ever that happens here.

more TOMS Shoes ,i guess eheheh

Monday, November 09, 2009

I love TOMS Shoes

After reading it in a magazine and knowing that this guy Blake has the guts to invest and help about it plus when i saw the designs it was just phenomenal. Now it is in the Philippines waiting for the Shoe drop soon...

I Love My
TOMS Shoes
TOMS Shoes.

Help spread the word about TOMS Shoes

had my first pair heheh