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Friday, April 30, 2010

Back to Running?

after 2 weeks of no running since i had this left foot pain, that i think was a Stress Fracture in which i haven't actually consulted to a doctor ( i don't know where to go)
but i bought Brooks Beast from SecondWind running store in ortigas and i just did 5k early this morning and it did not gave me any pain so far! Although i run slower than before i think i just need to run more again!

the question is am i ready for that Half-Marathon>? Well i AM and i will do everything for my training to get done for less than a month !

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Run Injury - Foot type problem?

Early this morning i finished my 3rd 10k at NatGeo Run located at Mall of Asia in Pasay. THe route is not that difficult when compared to the buendia flyover in Taguig races. Well i thought i had everything under controlled , but i guess i am still tired from last night that i got 3 hours of sleep(i think i've been doing lack of sleep every race/run) So while running entering 3km my left foot started to feel heavy and that i cannot step on it with my stride, so i am aching all througout the rest of the remaining kms , my first idea for having that kind of injury is maybe i've been using the shoe type Neutral with what i found out that i need Stability SHoes. Maybe this triggered my pronation problem , that causes this foot injur.

But then again i will consider having a sleep of at least 6 hrs.

Starting next week, i will train for my first Half-Marathon(yes i did registered )
in May 30.

Now i need my left foot to be working again after tomorrow .

If you are running/jogging or even walking - Check out Foot Types

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Your main motivation is running for running’s sake – you like how it feels and how it makes you feel afterward. You might race, you might not. Running is part of your routine; it makes you feel complete. How far and how fast you run is based more on how you feel that day, your perceived needs, how nice of a day it is, and your surroundings. You hope to run a decent amount pretty much every day for the rest of your life. “Purists are most adept at ‘mindfulness,’ or just running without judgement,” says Udewitz. “They are more likely to base their rhythm and pace on their strong attunement to internal states. They are also able to be flexible and notice elements external to themselves.

GET MOTIVATED You probably don’t have a problem with this, but if you do, picture yourself at your favourite part of your course for that day, running comfortably, feeling great. Also, remember how much better you’ll feel for the rest of the day once you’ve run.

LEARN FROM OTHERS From exercisers: discover other satisfying forms of activity. You’ll appreciate having a backup when running isn’t possible, and you’ll be more rounded as an athlete and a person.

ENJOY YOUR RUNNING MORE Allow yourself to take rest days. Listening to your head (“I want to run”) and ignoring your body (“I could use a break”) will detract from the pleasure of the experience. Regularly do yoga or other meditative exercises that reinforce the mindfulness you enjoy in running and strengthen your mind and body so you can enjoy a lifetime of running.

AVOID TROUBLE Don’t fall so in love with running that you become too tired for the rest of your life. You need your running to be a special part of your day, not a compulsion.

COPE WITH INJURY Tell yourself there will again be a time when you’ll be on your favourite route and able to enjoy the simple act of running.
READ Running and Being, by George Sheehan; The Runner and the Path, by Dean Ottati; Lore of Running by Timothy Noakes

BUST OUT OF A RUT You might run your easy days too hard, because once you get going, you want to feel in the zone. If you care about performance, however, you need to greatly vary the intensity of your runs instead of letting everything meld together into not-fast-enough-for-a-work out/not-slow-enough-for-recovery-days.

RUN FOREVER Don’t allow running to become an obsession. Accept your body’s need for a break and use other activities to help you stay fit and appreciate your running even more. Be willing to heed your body’s warnings and back off when necessary so that you don’t develop a chronic, debilitating injury.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Mizuno Infinity Run 2010 by michang05 at Garmin Connect - Details

Mizuno Infinity Run 2010 by michang05 at Garmin Connect - Details

well there were more things that happened today, met the fastest man in the Philippines, talked to 3 runners... and other happenings that being a lone wolf in the race is somewhat weird, anyway i got a good Roast Beef Burger at Brothers Burger in BHS, went to MOA to register in my 3rd 10km run (NatGeo Earth Run) and a Frap Java Chip at Starbucks.

so i guess im improving!

well time to work this week - Android Mode!

Thursday, April 01, 2010

My Lifestyle 2010

Since the start of the month, it has been going in a direction with new borders for me, as in my everyday routine keeps myself more busy than usual.

Now with me back in doing Android work, it keeps me more busy.

So if you ask me what would be my typical day for today ,tomorrow or the next week we'll you'll see them here:


- wake up at 9:30am
- breakfast till 10am
- gym workout,10:30-11:30(but turns out till 12 sometimes)
- eat lunch
- fix myself for work
- walk 600m from Megamall edsa - Prestige Tower usually around 2pm im in!


- wake up at 6am (4 or 5hrs sleep)
- run in the cemetery for 30-45mins
- breakfast
- rest for an hour or so
- lunch
- fix myself for work
- walk 600m from Megamall edsa - Prestige Tower usually around 2pm im in!


- usually my free time for myself but turns out on somethings like
playing other sports, watching my favorite Tv series etc.

if there is no race i had registered then else i'm doing running onsite:
- i will wake up 4am
- warm up till 4:30
- start to do 1-1:30 hrs of running on the road usually (11-16km)
- breakfast at home
- rest if im really tired(usually i used the remaining time for some other things)
- get back in bed


I guess my lifestyle is a bit heavy for others, yet i am very thankful that my body can withstand it.. also thanks for my choco drink(Enervon HP) .

hopefull i would set up a lighter routine in the future!