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Monday, September 26, 2011

Gibraltar - Life within

Ok as promised i am already here in Gibraltar, as you all might not know that the place is a British Territory and is part of Europe (don't worry i also thought the same thing).English is the main language but i noticed that they prefer speaking in Spanish. A border separates Gibraltar from Spain, that most of the everyday living people have problems crossing back and forth. I'm fortunate to actually see this beautiful country, and yet the place has a rich history of its own being the last point of Europe and Africa is a ferry away, not to mention every people in the place are friendly enough to help you around , if you like alcohol and cigarettes this is your place in Europe since they are cheap enough for you to spend everyday. I am living here now for 5 months and running, but i do feel like i did lived for 1 yr already.

Yes the place is small (i did walked around and i think i saw 98% of it in 2 days), and when you came or always been to a city you will get bored easily here, found out the meaning after 2mos. On the bright side women are really nice think British + Spanish. Friday is always a crazy night here, it is just like the entire place is a bar. I have never drink so many different alcohol/beer in my entire life before moving here. I had met (still meeting a lot) really nice people form different nationalities that really makes it worthwhile to get to know different walks of life that they may share . Pretty much Asian people here do have a nice work. Filipinos here well mostly are accountants/auditors. Some of us are also divers, which they have been here for 10yrs i suppose, seamen / yacht personnel also walk here every now and then. That i can say i am the only I.T. working Filipino here in Gib. Another thing i like about Gib are their restaurants, from English Breakfast to Mediterranean cuisine. I have tried a couple of Asian dish here also. Spending is up to you actually i tend to go to Morissons every week to buy some food and supplies , sometimes i just eat out which will definitely be expensive when you try to convert. Pub crawling is normal in which i always do when i feel lonely which probably 80% of the time or eating a lot. Working out keeps me busy on weekdays after work. Hanging out with friends is always a good choice.
Anyway i really got some cool friends here that i get to hang out that honestly they are the ones that keep me sane and staying here.

I think life is awesome when awesome people surrounds you. Friendship must be present wherever you are trying to live to a new country. Always been lonely most of the time at the flat, watching and reading stuff. That is why Gibraltar can be difficult if you're not European or a person that cannot cross to Spain (that is me).

Life goes on when you think you can still hang on it, if not start a new one or probably get back to the old one and make it better.