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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Where to go?

Yes, i am writing this without anything in mind for tomorrow. Like any other normal people, they would be going to work, school or do something awesome. Well not for me! Juggling my career every now and then for the 7th time. It has been a learning experience for my career to understand what i have done and experienced. Programming is something i am still interested about but after working on these static-progress projects and met some odd managers, i can honestly say that interest of mine is sadly moving away. Mostly I worked on these products alone, from planning, designing, coding and publishing. I have understood the aspect of managing and pushing more features for a mobile product. I've been to a team of Android developers of 3 (only once), yet we are just maintaining things, not really collaborating to innovate something and see that being used into our product. Right now i still wish that day will come. A technical manager that will help you learn new things and listens to you when he/she doesn't know something, and be proud of his team's effort. A vibrant, active workplace yet everyone gets things done. I guess i am only saying what i want, yet probably i was hoping for all of these to happen. Those assumptions are something i will not think of this time.  

A good thought maybe sacrificing one or many of your lifestyles, it will be hard yet doing this will open up different possibilities for your life. To some, a complete change of you.  Many of us will expect things, the way we wanted it to be, but not take into account what is it that you really like to do.  This year I entered my 6th yr being a programmer-mobile (yes i know i am still young). Still i maybe forcing myself to do something i think i may want.  We'll see where i will be heading this time ;-)

Choose the right decisions carefully and you will live your life happier, these came from acceptance and contentment in your Life.