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Friday, June 20, 2008

Is it your choice?

To all people out there who are going to pursue a career in I.T (specially programming).

My story will start when i first heard and used Java, that was in my college years some time in 2006, and used it again this year 2008. This is my choice that i'm going to look for a job in programming using Java, although my experience in not so big projects was in ASP.NET using VB.NET code back in college, in which you know one class drag and drop and do the coding things on those components!

I was doing quite ok back then and yet it is still difficult to do things that are new to you. We really did not do some design patterns , coding other classes in scratch , because it was already generated by visual studio. I told to myself back then that i'm interested in doing java and hey i am doing Java right now in my current work.

Speaking of my work, i feel terrible doing it because my Java background was not that good, or plain and uneasy. I just got interested in it. Guess what i spent 16.8k just to review basic Java, yes it did helped me in a way (now i need to pay my sister for the fee), unfortunately(my friend is pushing this quote from a book "If you haven't undergone a formal training , you are in a good company")the company i am working right now only offers peer training sessions, and you have to learn things all by yourself, in which it is very difficult for me doing it because Java is has a "distributed" technology or very flexible that you need to continuously learn new technologies from it. My only concern is i came from a bad programming background(no offense to my professors) just feel bad not you guys pushing Java in college, or maybe because i chose Java and not .NET!

Still i'm struggling everyday, although i made some of their requests, i'm still making myself confident and determined to do those things cause i chose this and i said to myself that "i'm interested in Java, that i like it!", i guess i need to focus on the tasks given to me very well and see to it that i can make things done!

I'm surrounded by "ROBOTS" or geek people who really are insipirational and can be used as a motivational factor, i'll use them to help myself out! I just need not to get intimidated by them and TRY to do and push myself to what i can do and learn about JAVA, there is no backing out, i'm here and i'll be a great Java Programmer!