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Monday, January 05, 2015


Programmer to Team Leader: 

"We can't do this proposed project. **CAN NOT**. It will involve a major
design change and no one in our team knows the design of this legacy system.
And above that, nobody in our company knows the language in which this
application has been written. So even if somebody wants to work on it, they
can't. If you ask my personal opinion, the company should never take these
type of projects."

Team Leader to Project Manager :

"This project will involve a design change. Currently, we don't have any
staff that has experience in this type of work. Also, the language is
unfamiliar to us, so we will have to arrange for some training if we take
this project. In my personal opinion, we are not ready to take on a project
of this nature."

Project Manager to 1st Level Manager :

"This project involves a design change in the system and we don't have much
experience in that area. Also, not many people in our company are
appropriately trained for it. In my personal opinion, we might be able to do
the project but we would need more time than usual to complete it."

1st Level Manager to Senior Level Manager :

"This project involves design re-engineering. We have some people who have
worked in this area and others who know the implementation language. So they
can train other people. In my personal opinion we should take this project,
but with caution."

Senior Level Manager to CEO :

"This project will demonstrate to the industry our capabilities in
remodeling the design of a complete legacy system. We have all the necessary
skills and people to execute this project successfully. Some people have
already given in house training in this area to other staff members. In my
personal opinion, we should not let this project slip by us under any
circumstances. "

CEO to Client :

"This is the type of project in which our company specializes. We have
executed many projects of the same nature for many large clients. Trust me
when I say that we are the most competent firm in the industry for doing
this kind of work. It is my personal opinion that we can execute this
project successfully and well within the given time frame.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Appreciation towards Motivation

  • Things go right or wrong, but certain situations will definitely need some attention.
    Being truly appreciative isn’t only important in your personal relationships but also when working in teams – like in the workplace, sports teams, and other organizations – it is an attitude that can help you reach your goals.
    ​​If you are wondering what makes high-performing people/teams and what keeps them on top? 
    One of their common secrets is appreciation. Pointing out the good things that each member does may be a trivial thing for many people, but this basic practice that’s often forgotten has the power to give that extra fuel that every team/person needs to win.
    Feeling genuinely appreciated lifts people up. At the most basic level, it makes us feel safe, which is what frees us to do our best work. It’s also energizing. When our value feels at risk, as it so often does, that worry becomes preoccupying, which drains and diverts our energy from creating value.​
    ​Every difficult task you may have can always be easy and simple that a small appreciation might push youself to get motivated everytime you are doing the same thing.  Of course we may not expect this at all, but let's be frank when someone appreciates for who you are and what you are/can do, there will always be a smirk in your face.

    ​That exact time will give us the right restart for some motivation!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Pala-isip: Manila - The most Beautiful City in Asia 1950's to...

Pala-isip: Manila - The most Beautiful City in Asia 1950's to...: Update: Check out the second set of photos here . The photos must have been taken in different years, from the mid 1950's to the mid 1...

Too bad i'm not alive yet to witness all of these...

Thursday, June 13, 2013

New Hobby

Having a hobby is something anyone gets excited of, especially when you know you wanted to do or have that way back when you were a kid. All of these takes place when you experience and see those into action. Well my friends, i'm finally going to say that i am a frustrated DJ hahaha, you got it right!

As you may not know, i really appreciate good music. I always listen to them whenever i'm doing my job and that depends on the mood i'm having which type of music i want. It all begins with how pleasing to your ears those beats are. I did a lot of hobbies ranging from collecting/playing cards, running, being a gym rat (i still do this irregularly), computer games, playing volleyball, basketball ( health comes first!), did Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, mountain climbing, wall climbing, and I'm still trying to push myself to learn more water sports hehehe. I know we only live once and that one chance is for us to try as much hobby we can take, given we have the luxury to do so. Travelling is always there a staple hobby.

Right now programming is my job, it was a hobby before and went professional until now. I'm writing this blog just to get as much knowledge to people also doing the same hobby or simply wanted to try Digital Disc Jockeying , or just DJing for short. I like music, it soothes my mood, and hearing all those different stuff just makes me think how to fucking do it? So yes i'm still technical and i'm putting that into music this time.  So i present to you my new toy + hobby (I also bought DJing for Dummies hehehe)

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Where to go?

Yes, i am writing this without anything in mind for tomorrow. Like any other normal people, they would be going to work, school or do something awesome. Well not for me! Juggling my career every now and then for the 7th time. It has been a learning experience for my career to understand what i have done and experienced. Programming is something i am still interested about but after working on these static-progress projects and met some odd managers, i can honestly say that interest of mine is sadly moving away. Mostly I worked on these products alone, from planning, designing, coding and publishing. I have understood the aspect of managing and pushing more features for a mobile product. I've been to a team of Android developers of 3 (only once), yet we are just maintaining things, not really collaborating to innovate something and see that being used into our product. Right now i still wish that day will come. A technical manager that will help you learn new things and listens to you when he/she doesn't know something, and be proud of his team's effort. A vibrant, active workplace yet everyone gets things done. I guess i am only saying what i want, yet probably i was hoping for all of these to happen. Those assumptions are something i will not think of this time.  

A good thought maybe sacrificing one or many of your lifestyles, it will be hard yet doing this will open up different possibilities for your life. To some, a complete change of you.  Many of us will expect things, the way we wanted it to be, but not take into account what is it that you really like to do.  This year I entered my 6th yr being a programmer-mobile (yes i know i am still young). Still i maybe forcing myself to do something i think i may want.  We'll see where i will be heading this time ;-)

Choose the right decisions carefully and you will live your life happier, these came from acceptance and contentment in your Life.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

A Child's Dream Machine

Back in the old days, when i first had my desktop computer which was 2 months before i graduate Computer Science way back in 2008, yes financially we only spend on things we really need so i decided not to force my parents to buy me one. That i decided to do things on paper and in computer shops when i was doing my bachelor's degree. Anyway the feeling of owning one back then was really awesome, nowadays i think it will be just normal.  

Technology is always fast and getting different, whether it is a computer or a phone. But most of us only think of what we want, somehow that makes us fulfilled. Moving on to our post, after sometime earning things on my own, i saved enough to get a Mac Book Pro and yes, i chose that expensive piece of machine just for the sake of learning how things go in the Mac, i really don't know why that price tag though LOL (still the same feeling when i bought my first ever machine, couldn't believe i have this). Well still im on the top of the line when i bought that, unlike before MBP's are getting cheaper and people have a lot to choose with the same specs or higher but with a cheaper price tag. But Apple has this effect with a lot of people specially with the iPhones, i really don't know hehehe is it because it is White ? (the black one is cheaper).  My opinion is because they are fast, efficient, elegant looking and yes simple but expensive.

Still Apple Laptops are the top of the line when it comes to portability back then, but as a child (ish) i ended up i guess everyone , with this machine called Alienware which was sleek and contains all the baddest specs out there, on top of that it can handle almost everything. Again the price is enough for you to buy a second hand car in the Philippines. Alienware i think is not fully available in the Philippine market (I don't know now) since MBP's are more popular for the majority.  I am blessed that i was able to save some to get this machine at my age hehehe, now owning my 2nd laptop (3rd computer, my Desktop is still alive and fast, programmers are good in maintaining them) . So the problem was first i wanted to play games, that my MBP only supports some. So i decided (impulsively? i really don't know ~_* ) to buy this. I present to you my dream machine.... (i can say i have that 3rd awesome feeling from my first encounter in owning a computer, damn it feels great!)

If you're thinking about the specs : Alienware M14x (R2)

OS: Windows 8 (decided to try this just like one of my reason from buying an MBP)
Processor: i7 up to 3.8 Turbo boost @2.8Ghz
Memory: 16gb
Harddrive: 1TB
Video Card: NVIDIA GT650M 2GB, Intel HD 2GB
the rest can be seen on their website(the last time i check they removed it, but check the highest price tag machine from 14inch and add these specs of mine you'll get what the rest are)

Getting something from what you've been working for (not coming from your parents pocket) is a feeling of fulfillment and personal satisfaction, aside from helping others sometimes it is damn good to give some for yourself ;-) 

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Sunday, August 05, 2012

Painfully Awesome

It has been 2 months since i moved here in Singapore for work. Every place i've been to before were all different, but Singapore's great attractions to all culture and its people are amazingly important to everyone trying to visit the Lion.  It was a rough start, but i somehow managed to get along with all the hardships upon moving here and taking the opportunity to work and live here. So far i think i am doing quite okay, that i do have a good job, i have some friends here and i am still meeting interesting people along the way. For me Singapore is a place where the Asian community meet, this is a place of rich culture and tradition of various nationalities. You can eat different cuisine whether it is Japanese, Chinese, Malay, Indonesian, Indian, Thai and even Filipino foods are everywhere. Of course the old western foods will always be around. I have never seen and tasted these kind of foods elsewhere in my life so far Singapore does that.

Unfortunately i do live in a far place not even near to my office location, so i had to travel for almost an hour. But it is more convenient than riding a jeep or a bus back in my hometown. Nevertheless you know things are organized and proper when it comes to transportation here in Singapore. Shopping malls are also in every MRT station or near to it somehow, so i know a lot of people here do shopping or it is their past time, or other will travel to nearby countries which is also awesome when you have the time and money.  I have stood to different grounds in my life and as i entered Singapore i told myself i might have a change of lifestyle so to speak, that the life i had back in Gibraltar was different compare to Singapore.

Some friends of mine here in Singapore already taught me things about the do's and don't's of living here. But i think some are still in question on how would you understand things not just for Singapore but for yourself as a way of life. One night a friend of mine was holding a leaflet about martial arts, and i took a glance at that paper and suddenly took it from him, i told myself this looks interesting for myself to do it here in Singapore and it was a long time idea when i was a kid to try one of those, but never had the chance. So me and my friend did went to the academy which is the best Asian MMA Gym - Evolve Mixed Martial Arts. The place is well groomed and the people are amazing, as i see them train hard with the world champion instructors teaching you techniques and the right attitude to grow fast.  I told myself i would focus on Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu since i know that things are much more interesting when you are really in contact with an opponent and you would struggle to escape and somehow win that respect. But Evolve also offers like Muay Thai, Wrestling, FightShape etc.

Unfortunately my friend did not have the time from work to get into more trainings for Evolve so i was the only one left to enroll and did spent some really good amount of money. I know this will change my life and I will learn new things apart from the challenges of life. I focused more on Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and i must say it is really challenging and fun, much respect should be given to people training for these discipline. Speaking of which that is one of my goals to redeem back Self-discipline and proper motivation. As i trained 4 times or 5 times including FightShape and at least try to attend Muay Thai per week. I did sacrifice working out in the gym for me to really focus on Martial Arts, more importantly BJJ. It was a challenging, embarrassing, disappointing,fulfilling yet very fun first month for me that i learned really great things and met new set of friends. Sparring or rolling as we call it gives you the right amount of challenge that you know you would lose or win if you did not do that right decisions you must remember and somehow apply for you to get that goal.  Last week i was promoted receiving my first stripe as a white belt in BJJ under Renzo Gracie from my professor Leandro "Brodinho" Issa.

I had that simple smile while moving towards my professor and he was putting on the stripe that my BJJ friends gave me the laughter and a bit of belt slapping after the training that's how we acknowledge hardships we passed in our diverse circle of friends back in the academy. I can say that It was purely hard work for the first month (off to work travelling from there to academy, training hard - gaining bruises;cranks, going home late, doing the laundry for my Gi, eating late if there is food or cook for one then sleep really late and do it the next day if my body permits). I think BJJ taught me in my first month of learning zero background in martial arts that life is like this: you get something that you will have that simple smile because you know if you really work hard and sacrifice the right things you will still feel like a winner and losing for me now is just synonymous to "Learning" . In the end you are the only one that can help yourself when things doesn't get easy.  

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