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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Black Christmas

It's just 12 days to go and it is the day everyone has been waiting for every year, well i guess not this time in my case.

Last Nov 30 i was supposed to have my working salary for 15 days of duty, but since it was a holiday im expecting it earlier or maybe after Nov 30, but then again salaries had been delayed and until Dec 3 i'm still not getting it. I decided to QUIT , yes again, without any job waiting for me. They are generous but not organized. and they are so abusive to their employees, or is it just me that they had abused liked this? I dunno the bad news are i don't know if i'll get any money coming from them(nov 30,last pay or 13th month) its just they don't have any response to my questions, well they made emails but ofcourse i object most of their messages, in which i cannot fully exercised my rights from them. Well anyway ... im still communicating with them if i have to wait for something or not. So be it, i am rude , but when i see that General Manager guy ill let him talk to my FIST!

now im broke! and not inline with my career now, but i guess this is what you called quarter life crisis!

I did applied for new jobs ( thinking not to wait for Android Jobs) and getting back to Java in general (EE stuff). Good luck for me in the coming weeks .

Merry Christmas to all!