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Saturday, November 17, 2012

A Child's Dream Machine

Back in the old days, when i first had my desktop computer which was 2 months before i graduate Computer Science way back in 2008, yes financially we only spend on things we really need so i decided not to force my parents to buy me one. That i decided to do things on paper and in computer shops when i was doing my bachelor's degree. Anyway the feeling of owning one back then was really awesome, nowadays i think it will be just normal.  

Technology is always fast and getting different, whether it is a computer or a phone. But most of us only think of what we want, somehow that makes us fulfilled. Moving on to our post, after sometime earning things on my own, i saved enough to get a Mac Book Pro and yes, i chose that expensive piece of machine just for the sake of learning how things go in the Mac, i really don't know why that price tag though LOL (still the same feeling when i bought my first ever machine, couldn't believe i have this). Well still im on the top of the line when i bought that, unlike before MBP's are getting cheaper and people have a lot to choose with the same specs or higher but with a cheaper price tag. But Apple has this effect with a lot of people specially with the iPhones, i really don't know hehehe is it because it is White ? (the black one is cheaper).  My opinion is because they are fast, efficient, elegant looking and yes simple but expensive.

Still Apple Laptops are the top of the line when it comes to portability back then, but as a child (ish) i ended up i guess everyone , with this machine called Alienware which was sleek and contains all the baddest specs out there, on top of that it can handle almost everything. Again the price is enough for you to buy a second hand car in the Philippines. Alienware i think is not fully available in the Philippine market (I don't know now) since MBP's are more popular for the majority.  I am blessed that i was able to save some to get this machine at my age hehehe, now owning my 2nd laptop (3rd computer, my Desktop is still alive and fast, programmers are good in maintaining them) . So the problem was first i wanted to play games, that my MBP only supports some. So i decided (impulsively? i really don't know ~_* ) to buy this. I present to you my dream machine.... (i can say i have that 3rd awesome feeling from my first encounter in owning a computer, damn it feels great!)

If you're thinking about the specs : Alienware M14x (R2)

OS: Windows 8 (decided to try this just like one of my reason from buying an MBP)
Processor: i7 up to 3.8 Turbo boost @2.8Ghz
Memory: 16gb
Harddrive: 1TB
Video Card: NVIDIA GT650M 2GB, Intel HD 2GB
the rest can be seen on their website(the last time i check they removed it, but check the highest price tag machine from 14inch and add these specs of mine you'll get what the rest are)

Getting something from what you've been working for (not coming from your parents pocket) is a feeling of fulfillment and personal satisfaction, aside from helping others sometimes it is damn good to give some for yourself ;-) 

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