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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Look for FULFILLMENT, not Happiness

Living in a life from you are influenced to do from what you wanted is hard, but disrespecting you while living on it is worst. We often times think life as something that we just need to choose, but in my opinion we only live with it when you wanted it. Making a difference in this world is something that always amazes me. Unfortunately people tend to copy things and don't develop more, thus standards are made and at some point this is effective but when used in a wrong manner will definitely collapse at the end.

With regards to a job, it means that the job earns you a paycheck which allows you to pay the mortgage or rent, put food on the table, buy clothes, etc. The job is the means to get money; the end is what you want or need to buy with the money.

If you're lucky, you work at a job you love and money is a plus something like you can say "Wow i still don't believe i am earning to do this ! ". However, for a lot of people, the job is just a source of money. Sometimes, that should be enough, especially when the alternative is no job and no money coming in.

I can say i am the latter, i honestly said that phrase before but as time goes by you will find somethings around you that will change all of that. That is the time you will find a new interest that eventually after working for some time you will like it and in the long run loving it. Then again you may say that phrase unknowingly. 

A lot of people waste a lot of time trying to find a career/purpose that will truly make them happy. But the problem with this is that happiness is such a vague concept. You can be happy eating ice cream, or happy for buying some game consoles. Those things might give you temporary enjoyment, but they really don’t get down to the core of it. You can be “happy” without being fulfilled and sadly we are just fine with this. Right now, realizing things i had been to was far from over and i am still seeking that fulfillment every time i wanted to do something. 

You can do things that you won’t necessarily feel happy about doing before you do it. But when you’re done, you feel fulfilled. Or it can be the opposite. You can be totally excited about it, but not really comfortable that you’re doing it. If you want to wake up excited and passionate about your life, you have to choose fulfillment over comfort.

I left 4 companies in the past trying to look for something i think will change my perspective, moved to another country that helped me a lot about my perception to different walks of life. Met really cool friends that will always be there for you and traveled to countries i have never imagine i will one day see. I couldn't thank them more from all the great things they taught me about understanding the other side of life. From all these i guess life changes you as a whole from all those experiences but the thought of what you want/need still remains and somehow you are trying to look for these things out there still in your head waiting to be implemented. Weighing them in the way that a new thing comes up and clouds your judgement again from the previous. We need to choose and stand from what we needed to fulfill or at least you have interest with and at that moment we can finally continue the way we always see our life.

At the end of the day you can ask yourself not about what makes you happy but,

" What makes you fulfilled about living your life ? "

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