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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

New Year ... Happy?

(Sorry for the awkward image, they are just cool to check hehehe)

It has been a blessed year (as always) for me , that i get to have 2 jobs this year (sucks to be me) and still managed to finished this time with one holding. Now another year will come and i know it will be much bigger and better. That this year, i was able to help people and share with what i have received. It was a great experience giving them something. Things happen very quickly and unexpectedly. We had new family members, new jobs, new goals and new anticipations next year.

I was able to save and spend more than ever (LOL). 

I'm back doing Android apparently. I guess im back giving small talks about it!

I'm healthy and did not have any serious illness!

I am irregularly lifting weights again!

I am into running(let's just say i am idle for now) and did finished some nifty distances specially a marathon !

I'm more mature (yeah meaning im getting older).

This year i was able to get what i wanted (well some of it hehehe) and i get to squeeze in some more that was not in the list.

AGAIN, i wasn't able to meet my list of requirements to a better ME, in which as always will be moved on this YEAR 2011.

Hoping that this time around one of them would be fulfilled...hopefully!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Android Evangelist?

As i finished again another , technical talk regarding Android for college students, i feel that the platform is still new and we still need to teach our young generations these days, im not bypassing iOs but Android is my interest and yes we are dealing with the same audience here. So after i made my template for students, i felt that i still need to make it not so technical in their perspective and make it more enjoyable and still get that interest from them. That will be improved in the coming days since i learned a lot from these students at SDCA. I'll be continuing my knowledge sharing ,next would be students from PLM and another possible another one from Mindanao.

Android is fairly getting into every Filipino and i am just one person that barely knew the platform at first and now living with it and trying to share what i learned and experienced to these young people. I hope they will learn and see what i am trying to tell them everytime i show my slides and my not so good explanations... hehehe!

See you soon ! more pics at my picasa Android Talk at SDCA