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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Back to Asia

It's been a while since i left a great job back in Europe in the land of Gibraltar. Missed my old friends there, specially the gang. Hope i can visit them soon. Most of the people around me thought i was crazy leaving the place and everything else from there. Probably i did made a mistake, a pride that took my emotions. But here I am, again working my way to whatever lies ahead of time. But this time setting aside that 'pride'.

Right now I am still settling in Singapore, where i should say loving the foods hehehe, but most of all i have a job. My work is quite different to what i used to do and honestly been working for nearly 3 weeks now and yes it is the same old, same old developers that started the project then made a mess, without any kindness to the next developer, in fact more crazy hehehe. Hence, i am doing things with all my knowledge to the team and the company. I will do iOS soon enough wow! and fixing their bugs eventually.

As today i am doing okay, not good nor bad, happy enough to see so many diverse Asian culture around me, hope i can go and step into that path i am thinking.

Ok le! (Singaporean style)

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