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Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Alcohol and Staying up Late!

Hi, just got back from a bar after the volleyball game in which i had a chest workout in the gym, now you see, i ain't normal these days, i really don't have the idea why? well maybe i feel alone working everyday in the house doing Java and Android codes, in return i got to have money to get myself and my friends a good treat every now and then!

Detox! is what i want from those sessions i had, removing the "Stay up late" routine and just plain:

Food Trip

just those > but then again some of them is linked to the title of this blog!

well i guess Yin Yang is now needed :

Management of the following
Time - balance the staying up late if NEEDED
Money - try to SAVE and Spend Wisely , whatever others will say it is your MONEY!
Career - be productive and interested ALWAYS!

LOVE- hmm someone please help me heheheh

Good Morning now, work later.....