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Friday, July 17, 2009

Working 10 hours a day?

I must say, i had opportunities going on, and im currently employed doing Android, i have part-time offers for them, in which i sometimes wanted to do, but the fact is i am afraid of sacrificing some things right now because they are the ones who make me feel normal!

Money is everything in the real world and we must earn money for us to do whatever we want, much difficult if you have a family to support to.

So i guess if i have the right mindset and accepts things for me to sacrifice, then ill do some.

right now i just did said YES to him, and i started it somehow and i hope i can finish it before the deadline.

Android webservice and xml parsing

Ok i just finally used a webservice, SOAP,REST and Http Post in Android
Using their service, i had to stuy HttpClient 3.1 for me to test them in stand alone app
and parse them first using kXML yes its in SE first, using kSOAP for the SOAP connection, now it has been changed to a REST and then to Http Post by them, so i studied the HTTP Client4.o in the Android Library for me to get a sleek connection in which it was a different method names and how to use it. Ofcourse i had to use kXML 2 for xml parsing, and from the test and i've known alot of XML parser available for Android like :

XML Pull
kXML 2

from them i made a parser for each testing their performance, and i found out IMHO, that using android.sax is better for coding and performance, provided the other parsers are still available.

StAX and JAXB are not implemented because of their heavyweigh API , thus not efficient for mobile apps.

so i guess i'll be refactoring my codes today, to make it more manageable in the future!

Thursday, July 02, 2009

Ready for the next big thing?

As i had another hasy decision, i felt that my mind has been cleared from doubts and lack of self confidence . Now i understand my point to them and they are willing to accept me for who i am right now, it will be my big duty to be with them and the opportunity to have this position is going to be a very big help. I will not waste anymore time about not doing what i want!

On this day i will be different and ready enough to make the sacrifices i need.

Time changes, people sometimes do not, but we must make a stand to where we want to go from here!

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Being Jobless in the Philippines...


I see and knew a lot of people doing nothing, just doing fun things and not earning money for themselves or even for their family, but i told you this living in the Philippines is a little different because friends make them jobless and somehow their parents helped them more than they wanted to earn by their own. So if you are really decided to help yourself up and be someone else then pick that paper write things about what you did and what your skills are right now and make an impressive resume and apply for a job that maybe not in the field you are expecting because of your degree you had achieved in college.

It is not going to happen anymore , sadly it is a fact that every Filipinos are underemployed and they make fortunes about it, but also most of them are not facing the real fact of living in the edge of disappointment. But that doesn't stop us from doing something that will really matter. People tend to say they earn just for their family , nonsense you are working because you wanted to achieve something! So right now let us continue to see ourselves about what we "need" and "not what we want" for this purpose in life we become successful for everything we are willing to sacrifice for.

Pull the trigger 2nd time around?

From the start of my new job as an "Android Developer" and working from home the whole 1 month. I told myself am i enjoying this one at home? no collaboration whatsoever? and the documents are not really present with the entire employment. Actually the revised contract they are saying is somewhat missing , although i always remind them about it. I did get a paycheck the first 15 days and now still not having it. I'm merely studying Android and not doing some apps on it, just by the book im following and the tutorials im reading. They are still new to mobile that maybe the projects are not fully established and im just doing RnD , earning that much. I cannot handle the fact about it, and thus shifting hours evening till morning for work?

I still cannot process the fact this time around it isn't working well, in which i am somehow expecting this would happen between me and them. Now if i did pull the trigger anytime now, ill be jobless again and continue to make myself worthy to be called an Android Developer , and now that Android had launched here in the Philippines, i think some companies will take the opportunity or gamble about it!

Wish me luck this time!