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Monday, March 30, 2009

My Belief

Belief is being certain of possibilities. We must never let doubts in our heads rob us of faith in our hearts. For when we doubt we stifle our ability to reach our potential.

Your beliefs shape your actions. Your actions cause results and circumstances of your life and those results, when stretched over a lifetime, shape your destiny.
" Whatever you ask for in a prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours - Mk 11:24 "
Thanks for the opportunity ,knowledge and great experiences i had!

Suicidal for Freedom.

It is almost a year (April 7) that im working for the company and i must say, ups and downs are always there, unfortunately the downs were the ones who stood up! As i will give the "JavaDocs" i always look at the people , experiences i had inside the company...

From the past year i had been working to various existing projects,RnD's and 1 new project. At a freshman level, i was expecting to be trained formally but the company is just giving mentorings and i think it was reasonable enough, although i think they expect to much from us, i dunno if i am right or not but i feel the intensity they are pushing to us. I am still not good in Java , im still learning it, plus ofcourse the needed ones im working! Being a freshman in the company is difficult for me cause you don't know if what you're doing is sufficient to you knowledge or not . I remember saying this " Even my salary is not high enough if the thing that i am working is intersting to me then that would not be a problem". The SMART money team were the only team i had ever been to code a fresh project and yes it was fun and challenging.

I had my peak now, and i wanted to learn , learn a specific technology in Java, i had chosen Android for it and some other reasons for me leaving this great startup company i had been invloved for a year. So i give you my reasons for committing suicide ( not literally ):

- I had difficulties in coping with project Turnovers, one day you are working and then in the middle of the project you will be pulled out to be in another one

- the technologies were different everytime , that i sometimes wanted to learn them fully but they needed me for another project involving new or existing technologies;

- I think that salary for me will be stagnant for the coming 2nd year (due to the announcement our boss told us) , i haven't got any increase in my 1st year.

- J2ee is the first thing i wanted to learn but then came Android so i wanted to pursue this instead!

my reasons maybe not agreeable to some but i know somehow my mindset is already closed for this company due to these reasons. You may not understand me , as me myself is still unaware that im doing this crazy decision with nowhere to go. Ofcourse im going to miss many cool things other companies would not have like:

1. Environment ( it is basically you are working in a computer shop with pressure ehehe)

2. The people are all natural they can be your friend or enemy eheh

3. I will miss the teasing moments hahaha.

4. The pizza's and monthly food eheh

5. Dota / Basketball /other funny stuff like the crazy musics , some hooligan moments ehehe

and lastly,

6. The SMART Money team +CSL Team+My SnAp Partner+Legendary Sir Migz + the .NET crazy duo and some Java Seniors

Thanks for first believing in me to work for this company i never imagined i would learn much and gamble for one technology. I wanted to say these to people who are also in my shoes or the same :

" You are what you wanted to be, never let other things / people tell you what you need to do or become because doing so will only give you the impression you cannot control your ownself " -me

“Whether you think you can or you can’t, you’re right”

- Henry Ford

Monday, March 23, 2009

Web Service Exposed!

No not really the real Web Service that we knew, it is something we coined after a you know a friendly "resume" for job application. It is called like that for us not to get conversely caught on things pertaining to looking a job. The company that we might apply will consume or the endpoint of the web service eheheh. Anyway i never imagine that i will be exposed to the managers as well and i had unknowingly was joined by 2 more and 1 that is not really going to leave the company. Now it is up to the people (Higher Gods) to give the verdict , and i knew they will talk to me soon enough.

For me it is just normal that someone might leave the company for their own reasons, i don't have a job waiting for me when i leave that is for sure it is just i wanted to learn something i had encountered in which they did helped me had it in many ways that i wanted to really learn them more , and not being dragged by deadlines and some unhelpful PM , TM and the whole she-bang!

I am just a developer seeking for knowledge that might be interesting for the next decade , i do wanted to help the company that is why i am helping them be on top in some way, they sometimes need to be connected to the developers more.

Until then we'll see more of this issue !

Back to reality!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Developer's so called O.T.

Just had my official O.T. (over-time) last Friday til 2 am Saturday and yes it is not fun doing that.

After all the development and bug fixing everything is going to be different, because the specs always changes. Your PM will then tell you things about deadlines and deliverables of it. As a developer we knew our limitations, these also applies to our own lifestyles.

not FUN, because of you coding and analyzing stuff till dawn and for me having to travel back to province of Cavite coming from Makati, you need to battle yourself out on the road with fish vendors putting their stuff on the mini bus, your eyes are getting weird , your head is burning, and in the end you tend to sleep in the sofa because of that.

Got wasted Saturday because you are still not over with your body clock , and the sofa is not suited for sleeping flashing with bright lights (dont like that)
and now Sunday you are half normal , still not doing the things you need to do or you're really doing on weekends.

Bottom line, let's try to finish them on time and hopefully the PM will help us developers cope with it on a regular office hour basis, not because of something they wanted to achieve for themselves or for what i really don't know, be connected with us and we really are going to repay your respect for us.

PS:we did finish everything the PM wanted, but then again it is Sunday and still dazzled on things you cannot do because your body is still abnormal!

School Name vs. Student's Interest

Just got to meet and mingle with students coming from a 2 yr courses and telling me their experiences on it and their school comparing to these top notch universities. I told them that it is not always a basis for you not to land a job because of your school, you must posses the skills required and the experiences of doing it. From there you will then realize that everything is just a norms for people being bias from the society!

Ofcourse sometimes your instructor / professor also is a factor for you being interested on that topic, they must not show dissapointment on teaching it because they don't like that course they are teaching or forced because of their director , so what will be the impression of the students is to also not like it because my prof didn't like it, and they will have difficulties on following everything because of your prof.

All of these are just observation, these maybe some of the reasons why we should help other students coming from these area of school and instructor. I wanted to share some of my knowledge for them, and think that not everyone and everything is based on standards