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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Crazy for Android Shirts

Just wanted to share some shirts i got to print here locally (got the images from the net , ill try to produce my own) well not me i met a printing shop but they are Filipinos , i can't buy them online because of the expensive price they have eheh, here are some ill post more if i have the chance to take a pic hahaha

Saturday, April 25, 2009

My Android Books.... so far

Ok it was when i g first ordered a book at Amazon and find Reto Meier's "Professional Android Development, i got to read this but not on a regular basis since im still doing alot of things but i get to squeeze it late at night and when riding on a shuttle to go to work sometimes

"Hello Android" by Ed Burnette is also the an option for me to buy but when i accidentally found the JavaRanch Android Thread i posted topic and answered some questions regarding Android , that i have no idea that there is an Book Promotion going ... and i had selected to be one of the winners lucky me! So im still not reading Hello Android but as soon as i need something on Graphics i heard this book is something for me to look at. 

As my reading goes first come first serve so i will finish the first book i had and then moved to the next one... need to learn to grow on this great Tech!

thanks Ed Burnette and Reto Meier for such a great book in this great mobile platform

Roughly Weeks Running...

As i am blogging this, i just did finished the first week in which the notice month of my resignation.  It was still pure work and yes i was happy of the results that happened in our project because it is doing quite good coming form the client side comment, i've also made plans to some projects to turnover for the coming days hope they will understand every detail im going to say to them.  As my colleagues are teasing me everyday because of the situation, i felt sorry for myself leaving them behind, but i know they understand me somehow , as im still thinking Java EE to complete my tasks remaining for the following last 2 weeks(roughly).

Thursday, April 09, 2009

I quit my job for Android Development

It has been the 2nd day since the start of the notice period (1 month) , i already made a decision that maybe crazy to many and suicidal as i can see and my friends would say , Yes i did quit my day job which i am doing Java EE and some Proof of Concepts in Java ME and BlackBerry platform, from there i had been interested to Android Development, that i had to put my career and i guess my life on it.

Many said that it is still young and looking its way to the industry but i don't think that is something for us to set aside and especially i live here in the Philippines that it is still not an option for revenue, but in my head i can really see this is as
"similar to Java technology that had been started in the past years in which it came big time and changed the way the technology moves and from that moment on the world is still loving it just like Android will be making soon enough! "

I'll be willing to help my friends and other Filipinos learn this technology and maybe they'll get interested , from there i might make a team of developers and we'll try to develop great apps together representing one country!

Soon i will be jobless, but ill read about Java more and ofcourse study and work on Android. If there would be a company that has the same interest that i have then i will apply there which is a much better option, so the last option would be try freelancing.

Android Development is as far as im concern a great thing to invest with and unlike the platforms nowadays in mobile industry it is not just mobile it is also entering to desktop, netbooks and maybe more!