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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

10km done...

last sunday was a first for me, doing 10km run alone, i know i still lack of sleep every race but somehow i pull it off, and it was great running at flyover in makati.

well they don't have the finisher's kit and im wondering why? with that reg fee of 700!

anyway im happy that i've done quite good i think.

more 10kms to come hopfully will have a sub 1 hour!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Races so far...

As you know i am still new to the King of Sports , started January 30, 2010 and until now. I found out that every step i make on the road i was always improving, well if i sleep 8hrs before the race hehehe.

Well this coming Sunday i'm going to run alone without Team A.N.G, they are on a different race. As i'm trying to wake up from a 4-5hrs sleep every Tuesdays and Thursdays to get me prepared for a race. This race is going to be different i'm doing my first 10km run at the Globe-Ayala Run from Home... hopefully what i did in the past weekend and the TTh days will pay off. Well most of the races listed are unconditioned due to work and other stuff that we had a lack of sleep every time and some no sleep at all.

Run Assumption Run
- 29:14 , my first run got a 17/91

PSC Run for your Heart
- had a side snitch, no race results i think.

Century Tuna Super Bods Run
- 34:44 , had a side snitch got a 485/3497

UNILAB Wellness Run
- 29:12, almost had a side snitch again got a 128/2254

Globe Run from Home
Mizuno Infinity Run

others races i need to check out at takbo.ph... hopefully could run a half-marathon by the end of the year or full hehehe

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Being a Lone Wolf Runner

Being a Lone Wolf Runner is quite good i had a roughly 3 hrs sleep put 100php in my shorts pocket and after a few warm ups im off and these are the things that happened - i got to give a stupid driver my dirty finger for almost hitting me when i got my arm reflectorized swinging at the side so that vehicles can identify me, got a bottle of Pocari Sweat at 7-eleven kinda like it better than Gatorade, when i am in the Imus Plaza i got energized by the music and the people dancing there, upon entering medicion an angry dog was also running towards me and almost bit me maybe because i exhaled loudly hehehe, i got my way out of it heheh got some tactics (sit and as if your picking a rock),did stopped twice for a water break (after i entered imus and in Mabolo) and a cup of taho in my one loop at the Eternity memorial (this is my TTh run route),while walking towards my house i ate Lomi and Pritong Lumpia i got 20php left in my shorts pocket hehehe.. well i guess that is my early Sunday!

Driving Lessons and my new TOMS Cordones

Well, technically it was yesterday late afternoon that i started to do actual driving on the road for about ... roughly 2 hrs, i did listened carefully to his instructions about the initialization stuff ... and there i am driving on the road, while trying to stay on a distance with the king of the roads... it is a good thing i watched this YouTube video by a Fil-Am i think How to Drive a Manual Car and also uploaded it in my G1 so that i could review somehow, well it helped a lot. Now the first 2 hrs of my 7hrs training was really good! hehehe

After that i went to ATC, to catch a glimpse of the SOLE party of TOMS Shoes, i wanted to by Cordones when it first came, so i asked them about it and the saleslady kindly bring what i did choose over their brochure, among those cordones are newer than what i wanted before. So i did bought the Charcoal Cordones

the only thing i don't remember having is that blue lace. In which the on in my box is a cream color! hmmm... anyway i might wear this without the lace!

there goes my budget ...well i am happy what can i say?... time for work!

Sunday, March 07, 2010

Running - King of all Sports

Ok, so as you know, I had a major ankle injuries in both of my foot and that stopped me from playing Volleyball and Basketball. In which it took me 4mos to recover. How did i do that? Well i tried running them out, that i had this idea that it would help me recover my injuries by walking/jogging/running (my own version of therapy).

So after a month, my feet could walk and had this crazy idea to give it a try to do running. So i knew this friend of mine, which i knew he was always running in the mornings. So i had this crazy idea to run on the road at night around 7pm from Bacoor to Laspinas (more or less a 5km distance) well i had to push myself that day because i was being left behind by him shouting that i needed to stop for a minute or so, after almost going back to our place my left hamstring started to get stiffed that i cannot run anymore and couldn't barely walk, maybe because i wasn't ready yet for that distance and my leg muscles weren't trained at all, so from that night on i was amazed to what we did running on the road even i then again had an injury again now within my legs, and it beyond all of that it felt great and seems like i accomplished something i haven't imagined doing. That day on i told myself i will do Running and try to see myself doing something i think i couldn't do or accomplish that i needed the discipline for me to reach those goals.

That moment on my journey to do Running was born!

PS: Ill post my running stories in the coming days.

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

What's UP?

well i have no time to blog, anyway

Back in Android.
Getting great in Running (new sports i am loving)
Paying my bills

run run