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Sunday, June 10, 2007

Stacey - you'll be missed....Feb 24 - Jun 8, 2007

It's when the day she arrived at our house Feb 24, 2007. She came from a small box brought by my sister from work, she was so cuddly and cute it was her first day and we were so happy that we had her that day on. My mom was the one who was the happiest, she like her alot, the name Stacey came in my mind when she arrived and im using my media player playing Stacey'mom and that i gave it her name! As time goes by she was growing as expected a big girl, very happy and content she gave all the love to my mom taking her problems away, and that was a good thing as months go by they developed this relationship of a mother and daughter, that whenever you are going to mess with stacey my mom will eventually react and scold you but hey that's ok i understand what they went , my mom was the one who did raised and loved so much about stacey. Months passed by the relationship grew stronger, every person Stacey saw she will hurriedly go to the known person and say a very happy Hi in action. The tragic moment happen when my sister decided to deworm her, its because she's growing fast and she needs that to complete a process. They brought her to the doctor and gave her the thing she needed. After a few days Stacey, was showing signs of the medicine, vomiting and making these unhealthy feces. From those days Stacey did not have the feeling of loved, my mom asked the doctor why is this happening and they talked that is was a normal thing with a little problem at hand, i really don't know what the conversation was but i am sure the doctor was wrong to not take Stacey at his office for proper medication.. As my mom went to her work, Me, my dad and my sister were at home to take good care of her. As i gave her the medicine, she doesn't take it her mouth is just shut down and breathing heavily and she only drinks her water without food as i know! After a couple of hours i started to open my computer and make some reports, my sister notice that a blood is in his stool, and i thought it was a blood, from that time on i wanted to bring her to the hospital and see her doctor, but i dont have anyone to talk to except my sister, and i just told her to give Stacey a glass of water, from that a couple more hours passed i turned my head and saw her stomach not moving! I quickly moved myself to her place and talking to her moving her, and saw her face in a shocked. Her mouth opened, eyes not closed and her butt in blood and in yellowish color. From that i felt sorry for myself that i did not know what to do but then there is a possibility that i may save her life. My neighbors knew the news and called my Aunt, and i told my aunt to call my mom and she is the one to tell what had happend. From that i went out , and the rest is a burial when i got home, my mom was in deep tragic feeling that she lost a daughter in a very short time 4 months and 2 weeks. But we knew that God has reasons for His actions that He tool Stacey to give someone a long life in the family as they say~ THANK YOU STACEY YOU ARE A PART OF THE FAMILY THAT WILL ALWAYS BE IN OUR HEARTS AND WILL STILL STAY FOREVER.....

- Stacey -

Arrived in our house Feb 24, 2007

Died June 8, 2007

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Saturday, June 02, 2007

Doing what you may do in the future - My Practicum Story

It’s good to be blogging again, well this time it is an experience I think other students may not have. When you know that an OJT is just right for your course? Did you really like what you are going to do there? Or just to finish the hours needed? Are you happy and satisfied that you are doing what you like?

Im not here to blame other students that are not taking OJT’s seriously (just to finish the hours making coffee, using the Xerox machine , and becoming a messenger encoding and guess what you are a Computer Science damn you study mathematics and a critical thinker and you are just fine with that?. But then I am here to help for those going to have their well think again!.

I guess every one of us must think something that will really help us in our chosen field, something that you are going to learn above other students that what they might have learned in their schools. To start with my summer started in looking for an OJT, something that I am looking forward to cause I know you are going to have an experience that you really are doing what you may do in the future! So I decided to look for a company that will offer ASP.NET first and the ever hard JAVA in which I like, as a tool for the practicum, but I guess no luck for ASP.NET. My first company that I been to is in Taguig City , Ericsson in which they do SAP (interesting thou) so unfortunately the HR told me that they are not going to offer practicum this summer, well fine! That night I went straight to the internet café to search for companies who offer practicum and I began to see my Java /YM Friend sir Greg , I greeted him and he asked me what’s new? And I said busy looking for companies to work as OJT. He then told me that “You know Java” and I said yes but it’s a little rusty cause that was a year ago, he offered me their company to work as OJT- SOLEGY LLC.

I want to go to the details cause it will take us very long for you to get what im saying here,so here it goes. When I met my two OJT’s I’ve seen that they where that good in doing programming, and im a little embarrassed but I wanted to show that I know java its just that I m not in the right thinking because of the new language I had right now(VB.NET) . We are a team working on a Test Tool for their business rules. We did the Software made all the necessary documents and manuals. That working from scratch and doing a new software is something very remarkable, that you had to do a difficult software in Java! We did trained for 1 week a refresher course, and you need to self study on you PC there for a better and fast understanding. Being with these geniuses on that floor makes me become the stupid person there, its because they are really intelligent people developing these software and talking about tech stuff that really is interesting. From that I realized that everything is all about do what you like best and for them that is –DESIGNING A SOFTWARE . They like to program and do something new for the better. We OJT’s are inspired and determined to really pursue something that you are passionate about , because when you don’t have that then you are going to have a hard time thinking what you will do 5 yrs from now! As I said to myself Java is the one that im going to pursue after college. Hey he really wants me –lol. After we had presented the final software we feel that we are a better developers (chose this cause we did not just program we had designed and documented it). As we leave the Solegy the moments and experiences that we gained will eventually help us in the future, the design, coding and documenting will all be remembered to the extent that everyone you had worked in that company are doing not for money but for pleasure.