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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Why sell your Android Dev Phone?

I was browsing Ebay and saw Dev phone selling with the current bid of 300USD and asked him the reasons why he wants to sell it?

He replied these:

* It is Linux, therefore Linux kernel. It is not GNU/Linux - the common "Linux" OS. Therefore the whole userland glibc/coreutils/bash/etc. is not there and there are some lookalikes instead. Their shell is more stupid than command.com. There is even no `cp'. It is there just to prove it works but not that is would be practically usable.

* It has QWERTY but it is too small for fast typing (such as on Nokia Communicator 9000i). It even does not have arrow keys - there is a trackball instead of it.

* The keyboard is there for typing letters, not for controlling the phone. The phone is generally controller by the touch-display. It is all more like iPhone than like Nokia Communicator.

* So far there is no SIP client for it (but I believe it will change in some time).

* Their userland should be POSIX conformant but there are no X-Windows/GTK/Qt, therefore a port of anything graphical requires implementing a new user interface for it.

* As it is not GNU it all loses the attractivity of the common "Linux" OS and then it makes more sense to check for example the recently opensourced Symbian.

* Applications from Android Market are commonly NOT opensource. Therefore the common free software approach to fix/adjust the applications in use is applicable only for the Google applications, not the Market ones.

* It is not a fully Free OS, it requires proprietary hardware drivers:

* I found out in the recent years I do not use GSM almost at all (up to USD5 per month).

* My old proprietary phone I use mostly as a GPRS bluetooth modem. I could not get working ADP1 as a modem/router (even by an USB cable). It may be my fault, though.

* Even the Jabber client cannot be used there (only for @gmail).


Monday, January 26, 2009

My Sacrifices...do i need more?

Well i just wanted to share the real things i have been doing in my life in the past and somehow still creeping on it , i am into sports as you know volleyball and basketball, but i really love to play more of volleyball cause it is more challenging and you get to meet fantastic girls hahaha, well i did not really play alot in college due to the fact that i wanted to finish my course without failing or low grades from it, i went to 2 universities and i played volleyball in both, but i make sure to put my studies first, i also joined the UE mountaineering group in which i really learned different things from different people in the community from other places here in the Phils.

I also did the Magic the gathering game cards, wherein you get to play from those pesky money spender just to buy a pack of cards(just like me before) yes i still got those but i keep one deck and i sold most of it already,yes working out in the gym is a big factor since i was a thin guy back then, from then on they get to call me the wall because as they say i was huge back then ok, my biceps before is 15.5-16 inches, chest is at 39-40 and my waistline is 28 , i know i still need exercise to maintain a little of that physique but as i am working, i think regulare workout is impossible!

Now i get to sacrifice many of those cool things as far as im concern maybe because something in my head told me to get out of my comfort zone and try other things since Volleyball and Working out filled almost 50% of my younger years , but then again you cannot change what you want or what your interests are, right now i am enjoying my work since i am doing Java, learning more on J2EE and ofcourse Google Android, i did play volleyball last vacation and got invited in a league, i got a colleague who is also into mountain climbing, also someone playing Magic the gathering, and yes i do miss many of those things that i really think i did not sacrifice just set them aside and let other things come in to my life.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Volleyball Plyometrics Program

Volleyball Plyometrics Program

Volleyball plyometrics can help to increase your vertical jump and explosive power around the court. However, they should be performed alongside or following a sport-specific resistance training program.

While plyometrics is a very effective form of power training (and volleyball-specific), there are some important considerations to consider before adopting this form of conditioning into your routine.

Remember firstly that explosive power is a function of both strength and speed of muscular contraction. Volleyball plyometrics exercises will help condition your neuromuscular system to apply a greater level of force in a shorter period of time. However, if you lack basic strength, their effectiveness will be limited.

Plyometric training also places a high level of stress on joints, connective tissue and the neuromuscular system. Without a well-developed strength base, stress related injuries are much more likely to occur.

Other important guidelines relate to the amount of ground contacts in a single session, the number of sessions per week and the surface on which volleyball plyometrics are performed. For a detailed explanation of these parameters please read this plyometrics article.

Volleyball Plyometrics Drills

This sample program consists of two volleyball plyometrics sessions per week. This is perfectly adequate to convert strength in sport-specific power and reduces the risk of over-training that can occur with more sessions each week.

Plyometrics are usually performed during the mid to late pre-season phase of training. The closed season and early pre-season can be used to develop functional and maximal strength, which is then converted to explosive power.

Because these volleyball plyometrics exercises require maximal effort and a high quality of movement, don’t perform any other training immediately before – such as endurance runs, resistance training or speed training. Of course it goes without saying that a thorough warm-up should be completed first.

Again, for more guidelines on incorporating plyometrics into your weekly training schedule click here.

This routine uses a medicine ball for upper body plyometric exercises. Medicine balls are the perfect piece of equipment for developing highly specific volleyball drills. They are generally available in 1kg, 2,kg, 4kg and 5kg (2lb, 4lb, 6lb, 10lb) weights and as heavy as 10kg (20lb). Remember, for these drills to create power they must be performed explosively. If the weight is too heavy and the movement is slow then the desired training effect won’t occur so stick to less than 5kg.

Depth jumpsDrill #1 – Depth jumps
1) Stand on box with toes close to edge and facing the hoop.
2) Step off (don’t jump off) box and land on both feet. Immediately jump up and reach with both hands towards the sky.
3) Ground contact time should be minimal (don’t sink into the ground) and landings should be soft.

Over back tossDrill #2 – Over The Back Toss
1) Stand with feet slightly wider than hip-width apart. Have a partner or trainer stand approximately 10-15 yards behind you.
2) Grasp ball and lower body into a semi-squat position. Explode up extending background- the entire body and throwing medicine ball up and over the head.
3) The aim is to throw the ball behind you as far as you can and generating most of the power in the legs.
4) Catch ball on the bounce from your partner and repeat according to prescribed repetitions.

Lateral high hopsDrill # 3 – Lateral High Hops
1) Stand to left side of box and place right foot on top of box.
2) Push off the box using the right leg only and explode vertically as high as possible. Drive the arms forward and up for maximum height.
3) Land with opposite foot onto box. Repeat with the other foot.
4) Repeat according to prescribed number of repetitions.

Squat throwDrill #4 – Squat Throws From Chest
1) Stand with feet slightly wider than hip-width apart. Knees should be slightly bent.
2) Hold medicine ball at chest level and squat down to a parallel position.
3) Quickly explode up and jump as high as you can. As you start your jump you should throw the medicine ball as high as possible.
4) Let the ball bounce away from you rather than trying to catch it.

Single arm throwsDrill #5 – Single Arm Throws
1) Stand with feet slightly wider than hip-width apart.
2) Place hand under medicine ball and lower body into a semi-squat position.
3) Explode up extending the entire body and throwing the medicine ball up into the air.
4) The aim is to throw the ball as high as you can and generating most of the power in the legs.
5) Catch ball on the bounce and repeat according to prescribed repetitions.

hurdle jumpsDrill #6 – Hurdle Jumps
1) Stand 1-2 feet away from hurdle. Feet should be slightly wider than hip-width apart in a semi-squat position.
2) Driving the arms up and jump over hurdle.
3) Upon landing, quickly jump over next hurdle.

Overhead wall throwsDrill #7 – Wall Throws
1) Stand with one foot in front (staggered stance) or with feet together and knees slightly bent.
2. Pull medicine ball back behind head and forcefully throw ball forward as far as possible into the wall.
3. Catch ball on the bounce from the wall and repeat according to prescribed repetitions.

Lateral boundDrill #8 – Lateral Barrier Jumps
1) Stand with feet slightly wider than hip-width apart with right side of body facing the barrier.
2) Hop to the right using both feet over the barrier.
3) jump back to the start point.
4) Repeat according to the prescribed number of repetitions.

Sample Volleyball Plyometrics Session


  • Depth jumps - 3 sets x 8-10 reps

  • Over The Back Toss - 3 sets x 8-10 reps

  • Lateral High Hops - 3 sets x 8-10 reps

  • Squat Throws From Chest - 3 sets x 8-10 reps

    DAY 2

  • Single Arm Throws - 3 sets x 8-10 reps

  • Hurdle Jumps - 3 sets x 8-10 reps

  • Wall Throws - 3 sets x 8-10 reps

  • Lateral Barrier Jumps - 3 sets x 8-10 reps

  • C/O http://www.sport-fitness-advisor.com/plyometrics.html

    Why Android?

    Just a thought about why i love this technology and surely i need to feel more why i really want to know more about it even i don't own an Android Client (i chose this term instead!).

    Let us see :

    The biggest advantage Android has is that it is an OS not a Phone. Mobile companies are going to be able to use the OS on their hardware, that makes it very powerful from a business point of view. Like for example apple can only make 1 phone at a time. But 10 other companies can make 20 phones that will run Android on them.

    Second advantage is that it is a complete open system. So from the tech. I have full control of the software on an Android phone(though I can still not control the hardware), and any possible harm to my life caused by my usage of a mobile phone can be understood and fixed, and another thing, Android OS is really sexy and first rate in the current mobile OS market.I have full control of the software on an Android phone(though I can still not control the hardware).

    to finish these i also think as a Developer point of view this is a Geek gadget in which you can earn and get to make your own apps and design what does your Android Client will look and feel.

    Can others dig it?