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Friday, March 11, 2011

Expect Nothing

As of today , my hasty decision making had done it again. From all my previous work and employers i found out somethings that some of them don't have and vis-a-vis. In which i still need to find that one that will get that difference among them. In the start i thought of learning great Android stuff from an international colleagues and work together with an Android Lead, but all of them did not happen.
Sorry if i am writing strangely jumping from one story to another (it's just the way my mind is working).

 Right now i am thinking of checking this part of Android technology and diving into m-commerce (Mobile Commerce) but seems like my idea doesn't fit for an individual or a group. It needs VC's to help me and the big names among others.  I honestly say that im a bit uncomfortable doing multimedia/graphics stuff. That is why i am into Enterprise and non-multimedia enabled apps, at least that is where i came from but of course i wanted to do something out of my comfort zone.

I think i might look first at my Plan A to see if i can share this idea with them find a company that will help me initiate this idea or build something innovative. Next week would be my last week (again ...4th time) and hopefully there will be no more (unless something really bad occur in the future). Wish me luck in getting that close to stable job i am looking for. I would like to say this that i learned a lot (almost all are there but missing something) from this trip (Excitor).

PS: On the brighter side,  i can get back to reading an Android/Java Book and review the dev site for me to be updated hehehe. I will also help my friends to get into Android App dev. To get those email clients processed soon!