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Sunday, April 03, 2011

10 things you need to get into Android Application Development

I got introduced and learned Android in mid September of 2008 and it was a series of release candidates and up to 1.0 SDK, the documentations were not that great either but i managed to stick with it.

I was a Software Engineer doing Java Enterprise / Fixed Mobile Convergence back then so i knew Java that i wanted to knew this better and decided to pursue what i am living/working and loving for -
Android Application Development.

  1. Yourself.
  2. Download & Install Eclipse IDE, Java SDK/Runtime and Android SDK(all its components)/Android Developer Tool Plug-in. (get an sqlite browswer in eclipse)
  3. Study & Learn Java.
  4. Study & Learn Android (http://developer.android.com)
  5. Study & Learn UML.
  6. Study & Learn Java Design Patterns.
  7. Study & Learn UI Design Patterns
  8. Be up to date with the latest news and informations about Android.
  9. Read, read, read Android/Java documentations/tutorials/articles/sample codes.
  10. Create simple - kick ass apps!

** At least these are my initial facts and still my go to plans of doing things ... Android all the way!