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Thursday, June 13, 2013

New Hobby

Having a hobby is something anyone gets excited of, especially when you know you wanted to do or have that way back when you were a kid. All of these takes place when you experience and see those into action. Well my friends, i'm finally going to say that i am a frustrated DJ hahaha, you got it right!

As you may not know, i really appreciate good music. I always listen to them whenever i'm doing my job and that depends on the mood i'm having which type of music i want. It all begins with how pleasing to your ears those beats are. I did a lot of hobbies ranging from collecting/playing cards, running, being a gym rat (i still do this irregularly), computer games, playing volleyball, basketball ( health comes first!), did Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, mountain climbing, wall climbing, and I'm still trying to push myself to learn more water sports hehehe. I know we only live once and that one chance is for us to try as much hobby we can take, given we have the luxury to do so. Travelling is always there a staple hobby.

Right now programming is my job, it was a hobby before and went professional until now. I'm writing this blog just to get as much knowledge to people also doing the same hobby or simply wanted to try Digital Disc Jockeying , or just DJing for short. I like music, it soothes my mood, and hearing all those different stuff just makes me think how to fucking do it? So yes i'm still technical and i'm putting that into music this time.  So i present to you my new toy + hobby (I also bought DJing for Dummies hehehe)