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Saturday, September 12, 2009

How to help Filipinos know about Android / Android App Dev.

Well in my honest opinion these are my suggestions in no particular order.

- Start at the Colleges/Universities.(well i guess this should be 1st)
- Advertise Android locally
- Gamble in putting up Android into your business.
- Read articles about Android over the Internet.
- Buy a book / e-book and read it.
- Attend Android Dev Conferences
- Ask questions from Android Enthusiasts/developers
- Join Mobile developers group particularly Android
- try to invest on developers in which they are the ones who will make the profits soon.
- try to reach out for your current countrymen's capability for purchasing handsets.
- If you know Android /Android App Dev. try out the examples/read articles for more advanced stuff.
- Practice what you have learned.
- Try to get out of your comfort zone.
- Google should now include the Philippines in the Android Market for publishing paid apps. And get some Google Conference showcasing Android

These are solely my opinion , suggestions are for people in a company,company itself,individual or group of developers ,telcos and of course end-consumers.

SMART Android Developer Conference

SMART actually made a very good start to pump up some of the people to learn Android. They had everything planned accordingly. Speakers are known for their craft. Ofcourse marketing for their part was there as what HTC also did. But all in all equality among others were served right!

Students/professionals might have a short understanding of knowledge when it comes to the Android Introduction since the time alloted were limited. We hope to see an event for Android Development in particular, i hope everyone went home with some Android knowledge for them to share with others.

Don Henricos food were fantastic, my tummy just didn't help me to what i was expecting haha(kinabag ako haha) .

Met new big bosses that are squeezing in Android to their business or should i say somehow getting there to put in Android. Well in fact participants were not that given a chance more to ask about the Android Platform , that was i am waiting for SMART to initiate or something like after party since it is Friday hehe 'peace'

Hope to hear another Android "Dev" event soon .

Renewing things...

Just got home from an Android Developer event by SMART , you guys rock big time eheh.
Although people was still in crave to know more about Android App. Dev. the conference was a very good start to have- Great FOOD!

Just got an offline pm from my GM telling that the contract for me to become a regular employee would be ready by now or Sunday, hope i got to check them first!

So i guess i'll be sticking with them since i wanted to finish what i have started for them, lots of opportunities lately. Too bad students nowadays doesn't have the idea of what their future awaits unless they really are looking for that specific thing in life/career after college. I am trying to help you guys learn a technology that in my honest opinion will stick just like Java did! I am also in exchange learning by teaching these stuff!

Back to droiding...

Sunday, September 06, 2009

Am i going Bum?

Just had my contract expired for being a probationary for the company, and since my internet connection got lost for about 4 days i had no contact with them and from that point on we just do SMS and told one another to get online at this time, but still no reply on their part in which when they did SMS me i replied quickly, from that point on i am anticipating that they might not want me to continue ? but still having thoughts why would they text me the message about a new contract?

I did emailed them the Android Project i made for the past 2 mos in which 2 more modules for the phase 1 are still needed , their webservice for it was still under construction i gave them a straight email about these matters and up to now they are not communicating back, we'll tomorrow is another day / week to work if i ever do have one! more or less i'll lay back and relax more afterwards if this is really something i will entertain other employers now.

My German Shepherd in progress...

In the past months it has been rewarding from work and in my social life as i decided to have this great dog in my side. After my dog Leoric passed and lived by my side for almost 12 yrs, i did not regret or had any negative time with him, thou i still missed my first and loyal dog i am still aiming to have my 2nd one which i already have- Nigel. Going through rough times when our labrador pup Stacey died, my mom didn't want any dogs in the house because of that case. But i thought that this might cheer her and make bad things from the past vanish with a new dog. Although every dog we had is incomparable to one another we still care for every one of them evenly. As i also pet Sabrina an American Bulldog who is also a very lovable dog that is now going with her old age.

This time around my team lead had a Great Dane in which he asked me if i wanted a pup, ofcourse i told myself it has been years that i haven't personally pet a dog since Leoric. So i just quickly said YES, when do i get it? As my TL laughed and told me we still need to wait when she's in heat for the stud. That it will be my problem to sell the remaining pups when they are that many eheh. So i waited for months and asked people who wanted Great Dane Pups and mostly agreed. But when i found out that my TL tweeted pmed me that his Great Dane that might give birth died! So i was a bit disappointed to what had happened. But i told myself i saved some money , i am ready i might as well buy and look for a puppy!

That time it was among Great Dane, Labradors/Retrievers,German Shepherds,Rotweillers and Dobberman! (didn't know if i did spell the last two dog breeds right) . That i asked for some people advice and then it was down to two which is German Shepherds and Labradors/Retrievers.

In my case i wanted a fierce and strong looking dog with a tough attitude/devilish look hahah = German Shepherd! so i browse the dog ads over the net and found these pups , they are pricey enough you wouldn't buy gsd's but i had found a reasonable price in which i grabbed it.

I wouldn't talk much about the breeder and my problems with them since i know they are still doing alot of things from the litters they had. I got my pup at 2.5mos old and picked him up outside KFC's while me and them we're talking about it. Talking about my pup's history / life would be a different post ehhehe.

Right now all i can say is i need to save money for my Nigel and maintain cleanliness and ofcourse i do house training . Hope i am doing well these days.. without further adieu here is Nigel.(the pic is outdated he is now 3mos old)