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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

No stopping at any time

After almost a year, decided to try and pursue a career outside the Philippines, i found myself thinking if i did things i know consciously or did i just let my emotional side take over? Leaving the Philippines for you to have a greater job will take you to that pain process into the POEA stuff that i can say is not needed(provided in a much faster way) and i heard people in the airport and some are asking these helpless people for some money so that they can leave the Philippines easily instead of taking the painful process in POEA(that is another story i guess).  Nevertheless, i feel fine and gaining a lot of my enthusiasm to make something cool soon since i am back here in my home country. I've seen a lot of things in the countries i've visited, experience great things i can't find somewhere else and most importantly gain great friends along the way. I wouldn't compare things from there since i know we have a lot to do in our own country, we need to believe at least to our own skills,help others from what we know and let the filipinos have their ideas get heard and soon be developed. It is just a matter of starting once and trusting wholeheartedly. 

Although salaries abroad are far greater than here but we do have the same things in common in terms of skills and the like, probably some we do excel more.  The big difference is their government and the people within it. I should also say their money has a lot more value than others. Before leaving i am hyped up and very much interested in their industry but I have my bad start and slowly fighting my way to cope with it, unfortunately i found things rather difficult to adapt in the later stages and told myself it's about time for me to move on. It's been two months since i stopped working and now getting a lot of interviews/phone calls and Skype calls here and abroad but haven't found something yet. I can say it is rather radical to accept things quickly from where i've been through things i experienced and people i met.  Working abroad literally has no difference but their culture and upbringing will change things. 

Enough said, right now i'm building up myself now to prepare things back here in the Philippines since i cannot say where and when will i get back working my way on finding again what would be my goal these days. Things change, people change and i can say i did change... in a much better way. 

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