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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Damn Posers!

a poser is someone who attempts to appear to others as something they are not.

the easiest way to find and make new friends is through the internet. but do not forget that internet is an escape from a reality into fantasy world. we can be anyone we want to be in chat rooms, IM'ing, blogs, or social networking sites. we can be a queen, a singer, a moviestar, a model and all. we can be twenty instead of fifty. we can even send/post pictures that  aren't ours. or we can be a girl pretending to be a guy and vice versa. so we must be careful, there are many posers in the cyberspace and it is their playground.

Just wanted to put something like this tonight since i just got tired of meeting these people nowadays, early this morning i just wanted to hear (supposedly a HER, to make everything short!) voice but insist not to and told me to meet in broad daylight while at work and make alibis and getting in those text messages, so what the is wrong not to talk and voice out if that is you anyway? 
  I guess we must be careful and smart enough to observe and analyze every move they are trying to show us or else we will end up with a fake stuff (since we don't really know what or who you are hehehe)

Sunday, September 19, 2010

What's bugging me?

Like every software developers out there this is something we truly need to master . Bug-fixing  is a matter of solving a software error in the programmers code to produce a desired and well maintained output, well that is i guess my definition. But since i have seen codes written by others and suddenly you are the one who will continue to maintain and yes fix those bugs that you didn't create or feel like you wouldn't do that in your own code, is really something for you to hate. But since you are a Software developer (yes we didn't know we are going to add /Software Bug Fixer). We are now the ones who will suffer the wrath of others and for you to take all the responsibilities they left behind.

I guess my concern on these issues would be for the newer developers or turnover developers to just do you written job description (did i saw maintain software = bug fixing) and read the codes more.. more...more!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Coding Horribly

I really don't know if i'm starting a rant here? but who cares this is my blog LOL.

I've seen codes using their framework accordingly, used them with the conventions and the usual way, but also i'm looking at a code right now that is not somewhat friendly to the next developer to use it. Well i mean there is a framework that is just right for everything in the project but instead they reinvent the wheel, make simple things more complicated than usual. Maybe because they came from a different platform style of programming? They are just to geek to work with the usual code? They would probably want other developers asking them?

Just to see what they are trying to say:

Well i really don't know the answer and hope i do know it well in my case, i need to get used to this complicated code that wasn't supposed to look like (except ofcourse for the thread heavy stuff and other advanced java).
Well right now me and my colleague are still trying to learn their style of programming (i don't know if i should call it a pattern) and from it hoping we can fully understand every inch of their unusual way to program regular stuff.

It is just so disappointing that we'll be maintaining and adding more features of this from now on. I know right now they have a list of full bugs that we need to hack on hahaha, but i guess if they only started it in a better way , or simply build it in a way that other developers would get to have a good start out of it would be beneficial. I just hope everything will be normal , when i say that meaning i could do my job stressfully with the solution and not with how i do that in the code im trying to incorporate it with!