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Monday, January 26, 2009

My Sacrifices...do i need more?

Well i just wanted to share the real things i have been doing in my life in the past and somehow still creeping on it , i am into sports as you know volleyball and basketball, but i really love to play more of volleyball cause it is more challenging and you get to meet fantastic girls hahaha, well i did not really play alot in college due to the fact that i wanted to finish my course without failing or low grades from it, i went to 2 universities and i played volleyball in both, but i make sure to put my studies first, i also joined the UE mountaineering group in which i really learned different things from different people in the community from other places here in the Phils.

I also did the Magic the gathering game cards, wherein you get to play from those pesky money spender just to buy a pack of cards(just like me before) yes i still got those but i keep one deck and i sold most of it already,yes working out in the gym is a big factor since i was a thin guy back then, from then on they get to call me the wall because as they say i was huge back then ok, my biceps before is 15.5-16 inches, chest is at 39-40 and my waistline is 28 , i know i still need exercise to maintain a little of that physique but as i am working, i think regulare workout is impossible!

Now i get to sacrifice many of those cool things as far as im concern maybe because something in my head told me to get out of my comfort zone and try other things since Volleyball and Working out filled almost 50% of my younger years , but then again you cannot change what you want or what your interests are, right now i am enjoying my work since i am doing Java, learning more on J2EE and ofcourse Google Android, i did play volleyball last vacation and got invited in a league, i got a colleague who is also into mountain climbing, also someone playing Magic the gathering, and yes i do miss many of those things that i really think i did not sacrifice just set them aside and let other things come in to my life.


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