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Thursday, December 29, 2016

A broken process of love

For what it's worth, I never have any negative thoughts with our relationship, I only speak when I need to, I keep myself real to anyone, I am with all honesty feel not to say anything that doesn't concern us. When I understand about your thoughts, about us in the process and what you think I do and did, I felt that there are things, major things that really bothers you to which I cannot somehow resolve myself.

I already accepted things that are outside my thoughts just to prove what I can do for her. Given the third time of her not accepting or thinking that I am like this (stiff and unromantic) and should have learned. I came to a conclusion that I'm not the one for her needs and the attention she always wanted. I have my limitations and priorities. I thanked and loved her for those months...genuinely.

I wish her to find the right guy she always somehow trying to see within me.

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