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Sunday, November 19, 2006

About .NET

Another Programming Language had been served to us , and this time i somehow understand that learning new languages will improve a programmer efficiently. As i study this technology i read a book about "Introducing Microsoft.NET" by Platt. I don't know if he hates Java alot by making that book eheheh. But i understand the power of the .NET anyway.
For me .NET is like a Java that became easy !
so i guess to those people who loves creating great GUI will switch to this language or for those programmer that still prefer the long coding type then Java will still be great!(i still love java)

for a fact that every window GUI that you can see in some application can be dragged in the form. We are actually using Visual Basic 2005 Express Edition for amateurs or novices as they say. Anyway i know that only the tools are different when you have the Visual Studio 2005 package(in which i cannot find a pirated one here in the Philippines-lol).
My major thesis will be using the .NET instead of the VB6 cause hey VB.NET together with ASP.NET would be great! So im self studying more about these .NET by reading books and looking around on the Web.

I hope that we could have a great Thesis using the .NET technology
The .NET technology is a great change for microsoft that they really wanted to be on top of other languages!

Still i will be pursuing my Java and i should say that .NET would be second in command!


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