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Saturday, January 20, 2007

2 Days in a row drinking at POPOY'S GRILL....

The start of lasallian days is something that every student at dlsu-d is waiting for no classes,excuses and absences...

anyway stop for those cranky stuff..... thursday to friday me and the rest of my COS friends are getting drunk at Popoy's Grill in which i could say a nice place for its affordable and yeah right the girls from la salle are everywhere! I only hate some of the lasalle guys who got to fight with their own green blood? the hell fight the blue blooded people! eheheh

anyway i saw many girls, met many people & flirted with some.

the place is cool that i did not workout for almost a week now that i feel thin eheheh..

occasionally we could let the study aside then give us some drinks for some fun and celebration that is college life!


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