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Monday, June 01, 2009

Weird lately!

As i almost won a ticket in Google I/O 2009 for posting a comment in androidandme , but i told them i cannot have that due to financial difficulty hahahah , well anyway at least i was almost there ehheh. Going back, 1 week had passed since my new employer hired me and i am studying things at the Android Documentation site in which it is cool, and today ( later after i woke up) i think im still going to do since i still don't have a real task yet!

Well the title is something to do with them, i mean my employer i felt that they are cool for having those things they told me but i think i felt really weird on things that are happening;
no formal signatories on other papers like the hr, it. dept etc. My salary , where do i get it those stuff are just weird when i had the chance to bring something for that conversation i think that was the only time they think of that thing to do. Well still im working from home because they are still fixing the office since the devs there are always at home and i wonder if i was the only person to go there>? hope not!

feeling tired now let us see later if this thing is for real or do i need to see more of their actions before letting go!


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