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Monday, November 30, 2009

Idling Java... making way for Objective-C ?

These past few weeks, i had talked to 2 of my boss about my current employment status, and i just found out that the Android Projects were abandoned or somehow like that. Now my CTO is very passionate about Mobile Development that he doesn't want me to go, cause for what i did with the last project for them, he was somewhat impressed by it. My GM, was also willing to do stuff my CTO wants the Mobile Development for them is to progress soon, but currently Android App dev. is still new to many as what they had discovered and that iPhone is still emerging! Anyways they wanted me to do iPhone Apps. in which it didn't came to my mind, ever since! Now i told them i'll try studying Objective-c cause it is a whole new ballgame for me! I did a quite a study of objective -c last week and i knew i learned something. Right now what i am thinking is to let these things happen?

IDLE now :

- Java
- Android App

in which they are the ones i am aiming for to help my career.

Honestly i am almost done with them, but my CTO is very kind to ask me and see his opinions about Mobile Development in General. so i think i'll stay with them, but since again i don't have my salary , i'm having delays 4 in a row i think that my bills are also getting delayed for me to pay! I miss office-environment, team collaboration and any other related stuff within a company that i CAN SEE AND TALK TO LIVE!

now i think i must think of this very carefully before making any move that i made last May 2008!


  • At 2:08 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

    patience is a virtue... but how long will you be waiting. Mobile Development in general is still new ,little opportunities (in my opinion)and slow career advancement.I've been a mobile engineer and im kinda frustrated whats happen so i decided that next year i will be dropping it and change my career as web developer :(

  • At 2:14 PM , Blogger Michael Angelo said...

    well, i believe in what you had just said in the first few sentences, but i moved from Soft. engr to specifically Android which in turn is in Mobile. What Mobile dev are you in before?


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