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Monday, November 08, 2010

Spend Money to Earn Money

In the past months, i've been saving some money to buy things that i know i will need. Well in fact i also noticed some things that are just wants and not needs (gimmicks and petty stuff) that lessen my saving in the bank, but buying an Android device just ate a big chunk out of my account. Now i just borrowed a lot from my sister and auntie just to get a dream laptop which is of course a MacBook (Pro) running at i5, but i know this is a big step ahead since i'm a novice at using apple products. Just that i wanted to learn Mac Os X and develop Android apps from there and i guess being trendy is a plus hehehe. Also i need this for my Android Talks in which i just received another invite from a University in Manila. So i decided to really invest at these highly expensive things in life ... Just like the motto i know "You need to Spend Money to Earn Money"


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