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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

New Year ... Happy?

(Sorry for the awkward image, they are just cool to check hehehe)

It has been a blessed year (as always) for me , that i get to have 2 jobs this year (sucks to be me) and still managed to finished this time with one holding. Now another year will come and i know it will be much bigger and better. That this year, i was able to help people and share with what i have received. It was a great experience giving them something. Things happen very quickly and unexpectedly. We had new family members, new jobs, new goals and new anticipations next year.

I was able to save and spend more than ever (LOL). 

I'm back doing Android apparently. I guess im back giving small talks about it!

I'm healthy and did not have any serious illness!

I am irregularly lifting weights again!

I am into running(let's just say i am idle for now) and did finished some nifty distances specially a marathon !

I'm more mature (yeah meaning im getting older).

This year i was able to get what i wanted (well some of it hehehe) and i get to squeeze in some more that was not in the list.

AGAIN, i wasn't able to meet my list of requirements to a better ME, in which as always will be moved on this YEAR 2011.

Hoping that this time around one of them would be fulfilled...hopefully!


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