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Friday, February 25, 2011

Career Life Plan?

It has been a challenging year it was last year, and i already made some list of goals that every time i will leave my room i can see it facing myself. Unfortunately most of them(80%) are inconsistently happening. Many things did happened and still thinking that even the worst thing might come soon. But there is this space inside my head that really is looking for that missing portion of which i already seen into some of my employers before. Of course i cannot have them all , but i suppose the one true important thing might be the one that i can really manage and cope with every minute. Today i am working (4th Job) and still undecided what will happen soon, but i do have some simple and great ideas IMHO, that might change me somehow. But i am still young and stupid to have this maybe? and i can be hasty which i do it most of the time, that i sometimes forgot the real things in front of me. Even my family are quite confused to the things i am doing to myself. That i know deep into their minds they hate me for what i am doing and might do in the future. 

I guess this is ME , looking and still searching the things i really wanted to do and pursue (although i did filter something) i still need to find those supporting details to make me a real person. Right now all i can say is i am deeply ashamed to what i might do and still getting the nerves of not finishing at the right time. Sometimes i wanted to change plans but time is running out ( i think ) and we all know that shifting things might not always be an option but instead we rather simplify things that we are dealing with and in the future find out that we're really fitted to this kind of situations. 

Just to clarify everything, i wanted to really find it this time around and kickstart the ideas and stuff that is hidden within my head. I am very much grateful to all of the people that helped me made to who i am right now and to those people that really inspired me to continue doing things the geeky way. I am not claiming myself to be master of something but i am trying to do it one at a time, even when i really need to do it from the start. 

Learning really for me does not depend on how you know things it is how you interpret and implement the things you have studied in a much effective way. So be it i am blogging different things at different angles that i am hoping you guys can understand and relate to. I do not want to convene everything that can be very obvious but i wanted you to think of things that the mystery of life has to offer.  - Life and Career Plan.

PS: I really wish/hope i would get/fix things this TIME!


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