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Saturday, May 31, 2008

I got what i wanted

When im still in college, programming got me thinking already since i'm in Computer Science, love designing things and implementing it. I told myself after college i'll be a Software Dev. in Java, even though it is only one subject in my school, it really got my interest back in programming!

When our internship is getting near, i asked myself what work do i need, and yes i think i'll try Java then, luckily i got an internship from a company in which my respected friend in PinoyJUG referred me, internship was difficult yet we did finished it accordingly. Right now, i did accepted as a Java Software Engineer in a company that really interests me, from that day on when they said i passed everything(im still in college finishing the remaining units) i felt happy and told myself now i can focus on Java - as i said those words i haven't understand what i'm up to.

When i'm in my first few weeks in the company, i understand the things that i don't know upon saying those strong words before, it is really that difficult for me right now , i finished a month with still no focus in one java technology, but then again i think java is so strong you really need only the things you are going to use on a project, as for me im working on studying every inch of Java - still thinking for WEB or MOBILE, but since those are really big , i felt that Core Java must be in my top list , although i read some java articles and books, i know i still lack many things / or should i say i did not understand some of it cause there is no experience after that.

From this day on i still can say "I got what i wanted" , but now i know the odds of it and needs to accept the fact that Java is great and difficult , but since im so damn interested ... i'll take my chances.


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