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Saturday, May 31, 2008

Welcome to Programming World

Hi everyone, its been a long time since i posted (not the simpsons below) this is merely because i had to graduate, rest and then work for the company i accepted. Life after college is really something you must plan for, it is where you will make yourself for who you really wanted to be. As for me i chose the path of Java Programming. Luckily i got hired by a company in which i really don't expect to call me back, its just like i applied for a requirements that i assume they will check and see if I'm capable even though i still don't have that skill. I like the company in which i am right now, telco. and mobile from there i am very interested to design and implement those applications. When i first got into programming right at the company, i felt stupid and then i think its just because I'm new and still has many things to do. But then again as time goes by the people around me are really great programmers, that i got intimidated everyday, all I'm doing is to study.
I did become a QA-programmer for one of the software and told myself when will the training start, but i guess that wouldn't happen because i found out that peer training session is all there is in the company. My friend told me (a new one also) that he read this quote saying-"If you haven't undergone in a formal training then you are in a good company", from that moment on i think it is true. Difficult for me because Java (my job there) in college was not that intensive , i only got to tackle it for one subject. Most of the programming done was in .NET (vb.net,asp.net) most of the subject plus the thesis, i mean no class design and object creation by hand compared to Java, so i think it is really time for me to go slowly in learning things much deeper for Java. I like the company, its people and yes great programmers. It's just I'm the only one left that needs to be trained and feel useless. As i write this blog, i understand now that people should really focus and understand the facts he/she wanted to accomplish. I know i wanted to really learn Java Technology and yes I'm on the job of Java Software Engineer(Jr.) but with really NO EXPERIENCE YET, i will tell you guys, I'm on it , working my butt very hard to learn the technologies i needed for me to help the company and specially to help myself out. One last note, next week is still a mystery for me , don't know what's in store for us (my 2 office mates) but now I THINK IT'S REALLY UP TO ME to get things done.


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