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Sunday, November 30, 2008

Out now for Java Bluetooth Wireless Technology

In the past week i had to study JSR 82 also known as Java API for Wireless Technology a.k.a "Bluetooth" , and i had managed to stuff it in J2ME that sends a simple string to another Bluetooth enabled device. I had to learn things that are advanced for a non mobile developer like me! waaaa!

Ofcourse since we also do Blackberry they wanted me to make it happen there, in which i honestly i don't like coding in Blackberry(don't ask me why), and again it is advanced coding in Blackberry!

Luckily i managed to also send a string out of it!

- Right now i need to get back in reviewing J2EE cause got a new project that i think would be difficult and exciting!

ill post things about it when it is done!
Android development at pause cause of big projects coming in!


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