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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

New World Order starts tonight!

Ok, not that you are thinking the other way, this time it's about me doing the changes that i needed to have, right now i got some weeks of rest that i did in which i spent til 3-4am in the morning doing: 
  • drinking with old-time friends
  • celebrating bdays
  • watching House season 5
  • watching Chuck season 2(im still watching)
  • fixing some things in the house
  • thinking how to get motivated again.
Now im still not reviewing ANDROID for my new work , yes i have a new work im so blessed for having what i wanted to do (reason why i quit i guess?). Im going to start doing a new work this coming Monday in which i need to adapt to the location, people and the old geeky behind myself ehehe. It is only a matter of time for me to get my thoughts and get really motivated in this new work for this is going to simply change my life , getting i think new sacrifices , i hope these sacrifices will pay off in the future!

I am now going to start this evening til maybe morning to read a book on Android that i have , im too late for doing this now that im struggling for it! but hey at least im trying to do this!

YES I'AM LAZY as HELL!  help me............. or should i say help myself?


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