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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Ready or not?

As i left my first employer i felt tired and wanted to have some really good days of non-work related or other geeky stuff. I had nowhere to go after that, but seems like im still blessed thanks to the Lord and now i have a new job starting on Monday as what? see the southern part of this blog eheh. Well going back, my idea was to rest and find a way to re-study things for my new work that i plan to do. 

Needless to say i made myself unproductive in the last weeks of no working for an employer: staying till dawn, eating irregulary and the list goes on... but right now im still awake and im thinking to sleep early or have 7-8 hrs of sleep but still it is difficult. For i have so many distractions / attention getters and my active lifestyle. But now it is almost over with my restless and bum days hahah, i failed my initial idea for i haven't done what i need to follow.

"It is never too late to make the plan of your life be happening right Now."


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