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Friday, July 17, 2009

Android webservice and xml parsing

Ok i just finally used a webservice, SOAP,REST and Http Post in Android
Using their service, i had to stuy HttpClient 3.1 for me to test them in stand alone app
and parse them first using kXML yes its in SE first, using kSOAP for the SOAP connection, now it has been changed to a REST and then to Http Post by them, so i studied the HTTP Client4.o in the Android Library for me to get a sleek connection in which it was a different method names and how to use it. Ofcourse i had to use kXML 2 for xml parsing, and from the test and i've known alot of XML parser available for Android like :

XML Pull
kXML 2

from them i made a parser for each testing their performance, and i found out IMHO, that using android.sax is better for coding and performance, provided the other parsers are still available.

StAX and JAXB are not implemented because of their heavyweigh API , thus not efficient for mobile apps.

so i guess i'll be refactoring my codes today, to make it more manageable in the future!


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