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Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Being Jobless in the Philippines...


I see and knew a lot of people doing nothing, just doing fun things and not earning money for themselves or even for their family, but i told you this living in the Philippines is a little different because friends make them jobless and somehow their parents helped them more than they wanted to earn by their own. So if you are really decided to help yourself up and be someone else then pick that paper write things about what you did and what your skills are right now and make an impressive resume and apply for a job that maybe not in the field you are expecting because of your degree you had achieved in college.

It is not going to happen anymore , sadly it is a fact that every Filipinos are underemployed and they make fortunes about it, but also most of them are not facing the real fact of living in the edge of disappointment. But that doesn't stop us from doing something that will really matter. People tend to say they earn just for their family , nonsense you are working because you wanted to achieve something! So right now let us continue to see ourselves about what we "need" and "not what we want" for this purpose in life we become successful for everything we are willing to sacrifice for.


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