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Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Pull the trigger 2nd time around?

From the start of my new job as an "Android Developer" and working from home the whole 1 month. I told myself am i enjoying this one at home? no collaboration whatsoever? and the documents are not really present with the entire employment. Actually the revised contract they are saying is somewhat missing , although i always remind them about it. I did get a paycheck the first 15 days and now still not having it. I'm merely studying Android and not doing some apps on it, just by the book im following and the tutorials im reading. They are still new to mobile that maybe the projects are not fully established and im just doing RnD , earning that much. I cannot handle the fact about it, and thus shifting hours evening till morning for work?

I still cannot process the fact this time around it isn't working well, in which i am somehow expecting this would happen between me and them. Now if i did pull the trigger anytime now, ill be jobless again and continue to make myself worthy to be called an Android Developer , and now that Android had launched here in the Philippines, i think some companies will take the opportunity or gamble about it!

Wish me luck this time!


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