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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Miserable yet Strong

Just on my 2nd month of being jobless, and i guess my java craft/android is getting burn everyday, although starting saturday i was able to read/review java... and i am still doing it. Now it's a matter of time for someone to contact me for an interview or not! Besides i still wanted to work on the development side... shifting to a new job position is interesting but ill stick on working with technology codes.

On the bright side, just got home from a long jog/run from my place to another city near my home i just wish i knew how far we ran, anyway my legs are in pain and feeling great of doing that tonight. Just getting myself warmed up for me joining the competition or should i say just the experience of running with many people winning some cash prize+nike shoes+timex watch ... hmm not bad eheheh

anyways ill post some later!

back to watching movies/tv series (ill do java tomorrow then)


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