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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Start a new life next week

As i am doing a lot of job hunting lately, if i am going back to J2EE or to Android in which there is a lot of j2ee jobs than android, fortunately i have many consideration coming from employerd and the Android work seems great in the future so i am now convinced to rely on my full work on it unlike before that i left myself hanging. That i tried on applying to work for them. Luckily i got shortlisted and got a call.

Got an interview and they liked me and today i just got hired officially via phone , next week i will be back on the road to travel 1 and a half hrs to Ortigas for work doing Android! i will surely put myself onto everything(career and life choices) now since things are getting old for me eheheh.

Stability and career goal here i come!

Seriousness,enjoyment and interest.

Thanks to YOU !


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