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Sunday, April 18, 2010

Run Injury - Foot type problem?

Early this morning i finished my 3rd 10k at NatGeo Run located at Mall of Asia in Pasay. THe route is not that difficult when compared to the buendia flyover in Taguig races. Well i thought i had everything under controlled , but i guess i am still tired from last night that i got 3 hours of sleep(i think i've been doing lack of sleep every race/run) So while running entering 3km my left foot started to feel heavy and that i cannot step on it with my stride, so i am aching all througout the rest of the remaining kms , my first idea for having that kind of injury is maybe i've been using the shoe type Neutral with what i found out that i need Stability SHoes. Maybe this triggered my pronation problem , that causes this foot injur.

But then again i will consider having a sleep of at least 6 hrs.

Starting next week, i will train for my first Half-Marathon(yes i did registered )
in May 30.

Now i need my left foot to be working again after tomorrow .

If you are running/jogging or even walking - Check out Foot Types


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