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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Damn Posers!

a poser is someone who attempts to appear to others as something they are not.

the easiest way to find and make new friends is through the internet. but do not forget that internet is an escape from a reality into fantasy world. we can be anyone we want to be in chat rooms, IM'ing, blogs, or social networking sites. we can be a queen, a singer, a moviestar, a model and all. we can be twenty instead of fifty. we can even send/post pictures that  aren't ours. or we can be a girl pretending to be a guy and vice versa. so we must be careful, there are many posers in the cyberspace and it is their playground.

Just wanted to put something like this tonight since i just got tired of meeting these people nowadays, early this morning i just wanted to hear (supposedly a HER, to make everything short!) voice but insist not to and told me to meet in broad daylight while at work and make alibis and getting in those text messages, so what the is wrong not to talk and voice out if that is you anyway? 
  I guess we must be careful and smart enough to observe and analyze every move they are trying to show us or else we will end up with a fake stuff (since we don't really know what or who you are hehehe)


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