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Sunday, September 19, 2010

What's bugging me?

Like every software developers out there this is something we truly need to master . Bug-fixing  is a matter of solving a software error in the programmers code to produce a desired and well maintained output, well that is i guess my definition. But since i have seen codes written by others and suddenly you are the one who will continue to maintain and yes fix those bugs that you didn't create or feel like you wouldn't do that in your own code, is really something for you to hate. But since you are a Software developer (yes we didn't know we are going to add /Software Bug Fixer). We are now the ones who will suffer the wrath of others and for you to take all the responsibilities they left behind.

I guess my concern on these issues would be for the newer developers or turnover developers to just do you written job description (did i saw maintain software = bug fixing) and read the codes more.. more...more!


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