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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Android in Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila

Just to give everything a wrap, i was surprised that these students prepared so much details from invitations;

and the Android looking (literally) Programme and people behind the program :

Just check out how creative and really gave their efforts to feel the green robot with them.

Just like the normal android talk i do 2 part of it and 2nd part was not ok since we do made a problem out of our outdated files from my Windows and trying to copy some files from Mac(updated).

All in all the students seem interested and really paying attention. The stage was set up nicely with android flavors and a big Android Figure check out our flag (Philippines)

I hope i have shared something about Android/App Development to these students with proper understanding to what is waiting for them after college. That developing for Android is simply the next big thing in the mobile scene.

I also showed and discuss a video clip from cnet top 5 Reasons why Android is better than iPhone 

thanks CNET!

also discussed with them about Statistics by androidtapp

right now i am still awake and just like to blog everything that happened yesterday! ( i filed a VL for this hehehe) Thanks PLM for having me share what i know about Android.


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