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Monday, March 23, 2009

Web Service Exposed!

No not really the real Web Service that we knew, it is something we coined after a you know a friendly "resume" for job application. It is called like that for us not to get conversely caught on things pertaining to looking a job. The company that we might apply will consume or the endpoint of the web service eheheh. Anyway i never imagine that i will be exposed to the managers as well and i had unknowingly was joined by 2 more and 1 that is not really going to leave the company. Now it is up to the people (Higher Gods) to give the verdict , and i knew they will talk to me soon enough.

For me it is just normal that someone might leave the company for their own reasons, i don't have a job waiting for me when i leave that is for sure it is just i wanted to learn something i had encountered in which they did helped me had it in many ways that i wanted to really learn them more , and not being dragged by deadlines and some unhelpful PM , TM and the whole she-bang!

I am just a developer seeking for knowledge that might be interesting for the next decade , i do wanted to help the company that is why i am helping them be on top in some way, they sometimes need to be connected to the developers more.

Until then we'll see more of this issue !

Back to reality!


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