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Monday, March 30, 2009

Suicidal for Freedom.

It is almost a year (April 7) that im working for the company and i must say, ups and downs are always there, unfortunately the downs were the ones who stood up! As i will give the "JavaDocs" i always look at the people , experiences i had inside the company...

From the past year i had been working to various existing projects,RnD's and 1 new project. At a freshman level, i was expecting to be trained formally but the company is just giving mentorings and i think it was reasonable enough, although i think they expect to much from us, i dunno if i am right or not but i feel the intensity they are pushing to us. I am still not good in Java , im still learning it, plus ofcourse the needed ones im working! Being a freshman in the company is difficult for me cause you don't know if what you're doing is sufficient to you knowledge or not . I remember saying this " Even my salary is not high enough if the thing that i am working is intersting to me then that would not be a problem". The SMART money team were the only team i had ever been to code a fresh project and yes it was fun and challenging.

I had my peak now, and i wanted to learn , learn a specific technology in Java, i had chosen Android for it and some other reasons for me leaving this great startup company i had been invloved for a year. So i give you my reasons for committing suicide ( not literally ):

- I had difficulties in coping with project Turnovers, one day you are working and then in the middle of the project you will be pulled out to be in another one

- the technologies were different everytime , that i sometimes wanted to learn them fully but they needed me for another project involving new or existing technologies;

- I think that salary for me will be stagnant for the coming 2nd year (due to the announcement our boss told us) , i haven't got any increase in my 1st year.

- J2ee is the first thing i wanted to learn but then came Android so i wanted to pursue this instead!

my reasons maybe not agreeable to some but i know somehow my mindset is already closed for this company due to these reasons. You may not understand me , as me myself is still unaware that im doing this crazy decision with nowhere to go. Ofcourse im going to miss many cool things other companies would not have like:

1. Environment ( it is basically you are working in a computer shop with pressure ehehe)

2. The people are all natural they can be your friend or enemy eheh

3. I will miss the teasing moments hahaha.

4. The pizza's and monthly food eheh

5. Dota / Basketball /other funny stuff like the crazy musics , some hooligan moments ehehe

and lastly,

6. The SMART Money team +CSL Team+My SnAp Partner+Legendary Sir Migz + the .NET crazy duo and some Java Seniors

Thanks for first believing in me to work for this company i never imagined i would learn much and gamble for one technology. I wanted to say these to people who are also in my shoes or the same :

" You are what you wanted to be, never let other things / people tell you what you need to do or become because doing so will only give you the impression you cannot control your ownself " -me

“Whether you think you can or you can’t, you’re right”

- Henry Ford


  • At 10:59 AM , Blogger your tour guide said...

    3. I will miss the teasing moments hahaha.

    Hindi mo pa tinodo sana sinabi mo na lang you will miss Ida Sigua hahahahah. :) oooppss.. wag mo burahin, free for all ang pag-comment =p

  • At 11:00 AM , Blogger Michael Angelo said...



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