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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Developer's so called O.T.

Just had my official O.T. (over-time) last Friday til 2 am Saturday and yes it is not fun doing that.

After all the development and bug fixing everything is going to be different, because the specs always changes. Your PM will then tell you things about deadlines and deliverables of it. As a developer we knew our limitations, these also applies to our own lifestyles.

not FUN, because of you coding and analyzing stuff till dawn and for me having to travel back to province of Cavite coming from Makati, you need to battle yourself out on the road with fish vendors putting their stuff on the mini bus, your eyes are getting weird , your head is burning, and in the end you tend to sleep in the sofa because of that.

Got wasted Saturday because you are still not over with your body clock , and the sofa is not suited for sleeping flashing with bright lights (dont like that)
and now Sunday you are half normal , still not doing the things you need to do or you're really doing on weekends.

Bottom line, let's try to finish them on time and hopefully the PM will help us developers cope with it on a regular office hour basis, not because of something they wanted to achieve for themselves or for what i really don't know, be connected with us and we really are going to repay your respect for us.

PS:we did finish everything the PM wanted, but then again it is Sunday and still dazzled on things you cannot do because your body is still abnormal!


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